Dedede’s not doing a great job staying out of trouble, eh? Don’t worry, I don’t plan on having him in hot water for the entirety of this arc.

What’s probably the trickiest thing with doing a long story like this (besides finding the time to get them done with relative frequency) is balancing story/exposition and humor. Sometimes I fear that I’m going too many panels without a gag, but judging from the general response to this storyline, I think people expect it to be more plot-driven and not necessarily a build-up to a punchline in each page. Thanks to all the readers for their continued feedback and support thus far, and the constant speculation has been a lot of fun for me to read as well!

Also, I’m in a podcast for one of my favorite gaming boards, Negative World! I don’t really discuss the comic, but we do talk about several current gaming trends if you’d like to give it a listen!

-By Matthew