BitF gets controversial! Actually, perhaps not as much as it may initially seem; this comic isn’t really about Brawl/Melee or even gaming in general. I grew up on the NES, and loved nearly every game I played on it! Going back to several of them nowadays, a lot of the issues with these games can come to the forefront, and this can also apply to stuff like TV and movies as well.

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But you know, as I get older and crustier, sometimes I do wonder whether a discriminating taste is always ideal for enjoying the simpler things in life, like video games. At this point, I find myself dissecting games in the manner of critiquing a work of art, which can be enlightening for those that want to enter this industry. At the same time, though, I think there’s a merit to the “casual” gamer type out there as well, the ones who get a thrill simply out of seeing their Mii swing at a ball, enjoying the charm of a virtual DS puppy, or watching Mario toss a fireball at Sonic.

So who do you agree with–the educated yet cynical Dedede, or the blissfully ignorant Kirby?

Side note–this is the first (and probably only) “two gamers on a couch” type comic in BitF’s archive. I guess every video game comic gets the urge to do something like this at some point!

For anyone curious on my actual opinion of Brawl, of course I love both it and Melee. I’d probably rank Melee a little higher due to the sheer magnitude of all the STUFF it added, but I’m not a tourney type and for casual play, Brawl, due to its impressive roster, stage set and music makes its way into my bashes all the time. I think more and more, I’m finding myself less interested in mastering the art of the Smash, and more interested in playing around with a wide variety of characters. That’s why Brawl is the most played SSB game in my home, and might point to me going full circle back into kid mode.

-By Matthew

P.S. The art’s gonna get a bit more experimental on Tuesday, mostly in the arrangement of the panels themselves.


Brawl’s a great game, but if Matthew is Kirby in this comic, I’m Dedede.

– Chris