Now I haven’t seen all of the 500+ episodes of the Pokemon show, but I’m pretty sure the “Pokemon can’t kill other Pokemon” rule is still in effect. When you have monstrous attacks in extremely one-sided battles, even the most powerful Pokemon can’t do worse than make an opponent “faint.” This includes anime super-explosions that could decimate a small moon at times.

You may notice something a bit different about the art today. I started with a canvas twice as big as normal, in an effort to improve the line quality of BitF (which I’ve never been completely happy with). I sort of got carried away with coloring and detailing the strip, but I think the end result looks quite nice (if I say so myself). Incidentally, I think I’ll have to try the “double canvas size” more often in the future.

In case you missed it, here’s the full video of all four parts of “Janitor of the Mushroom Kingdom”!

That’s me doing the voices and sound effects, and Chris who put it together. It’s safe for work, naturally, but there’s sound, so make sure the boss isn’t listening (unless he’s a BitF fan, of course)!

-By Matthew