Color Eario

Here’s Eario in color for the curious! The classy steely-blue color was chosen for its similarity to real janitorial uniforms, while the orange reminds me of construction (and isn’t taken by one of the other Mario-like characters in the Mushroom Kingdom).

Sorry about the delay for this comic. I had it all ready to go last night…but when I checked my computer for it, it was gone! It seems in my haste to clear up my desktop earlier, I had accidentally saved over it. Aggravated, I went ahead and redrew the whole dang thing from scratch!

Today’s strip adds a bit of extra strangeness to Eario’s job. Next time you neglect to grab the last coin from a coin box (hey, we’ve all done it from time to time, right?), remember that you’re making that fellow’s day!

Friday will be the conclusion to this brief story, complete with a fully voiced video of all four parts in a row!

-By Matthew