Surprise! I thought you guys should know what Eario’s voice sounded like, so I provided it for you.

It took me a bit of time to determine how many panels of Eario staring into the Bullet Launcher would be most effective. Redrawing identical panels like this for the sake of timing can be a bit tedious, but I’d like to point out that even then, I stay away from copy/pasting–check for yourself!

This arc may center around an original character, but for all intents and purposes, it’s still “Mario humor” of sorts. Don’t expect me to center a story on a completely new character that’s unrelated to a Nintendo series. DO expect me to reveal Eario’s clothing colors in the next blog post.

The Thwomp ended up looking like Peter Lorre. I’m really not sure why.

For those who bought something from the store in the past couple weeks, we apologize for the delay–all our stuff has been moved into Colorado Springs where Chris lives, so orders from now on will only take a few days like before. Everything has been sent out at this point (except for orders made in the past 2 days or so), so you will be getting your items shortly!

EDIT: I forgot something important! Yes, even webcomic artists make mistakes, and while judging the entries of August’s Fan Art contest, I had forgotten about a solid entry I had seen earlier in the week. I’ve since gone back and edited it into the winners thread, but I’d like to bring special attention to it regardless, so here it is! Artist P.A.S. did a great job merging BitF characters with a steampunk setting, and the high-spirited energy of the picture is sure to leave a good impression.

-By Matthew


Hi, everyone! Here’s an important update on shipping stuff.

In short, we’re all caught up! We’ve been moving everything from Louisiana to Colorado, and while it was a pain in the butt and our shipment kept getting delayed, we finally received it and have stuff straightened out now. It’s our mission to ship all packages within 2 business days, and we are now once again able to live up to this goal.

Here, have some pics!


Ahh, what a nice day in Colorado. Everything’s green and blue and junk. I think I’ll go inside to have lunch.


What the – ? Where’d all this stuff come from? What in the world are these ridiculously cute dolls? Most importantly, how am I supposed to make a sandwich on this table?

How strange. Well, I guess I’ll just take a nap in my bedroom, then.


Waauuugh! Where the heck am I supposed to sleep now?!



– fin