Confession time. I actually didn’t mind Adam’s authorization so much while playing through Other M, but it sure is silly, especially given the infamous Varia Suit example. And getting to use your skills because of a sticky situation is less satisfying than seeing that mysterious Chozo orb and nabbing your prize first-hand. So maybe I did mind it! Say, that’s probably why I made this comic!

I’m working on 100%ing Other M at the moment and enjoyed it overall. I actually have no problem with the control scheme and many of the gameplay risks, but I was disappointed with the general linearity and near-total lack of music. I wouldn’t put it near the top of the Metroid hierarchy, but it’s darned entertaining and worth playing through, so I’m happy.

Store update! A short while ago, we mentioned that there’d be a bit of a delay for orders over the past couple weeks. The good news is that Chris is settled in and I’ll be sending him the boxes over the weekend so that he can ship everything out, so the delay won’t last much longer.

Artists! There are still three days left for the current Fan Art contest, and September’s contest has just begun as well!

-By Matthew