Okay, so I was feeling a little silly here and decided to heck with it, I’m doing this! And I get the feeling that I’ll enjoy it more than anyone considering it’s an extra-involved buildup to a rather convoluted joke, haha. And it kinda requires knowledge of at least three different Nintendo series.

But yeah, I still had fun going all-out with this, drawing a pregnant brain, etc.

Speaking of Metroid-related things, Other M should be out today! I have an Other M comic all lined up, too, but I decided to hold off on it until Friday so that people have time to learn a bit about the game. In the meantime, have fun blasting through bugs with Samus.

-By Matthew


Hey, everyone. I’ve completed the trip to Colorado for this semester of school, and we should be resuming shipments for our store orders soon – that is, once we’ve got them shipped here from Louisiana. We’re also working on some new items, so keep yer’ eyes peeled.

I recently perused the archive of the webcomic Nicky510 and enjoyed it greatly. It’s written in a way that reminds me a lot of reading daily comics in the newspaper when I was a kid, fondly recalling great strips like Calvin and Hobbes or The Far Side. I kinda wish more comics were honestly endearing like this one.

Coincidentally, Nicky510 has been one of our regular advertisers. We only approve ads for quality sites that we think our readers will actually be interested in, so please give ’em a look if the banner has something on it that seems appealing to you.

– Chris