Yeah so here’s the unusual thing about Donkey Kong Country, in comic form. This gorilla loses his huge pile of bananas, is surrounded by other gorillas, monkeys, lemurs, tarsiers, tamarins and general primates…and it turns out to be crocodiles? How peculiar, although this is more of a hypothetical “what if they got stolen again?” situation.

Already the 20th? Man, July is just flying by, huh?

So, store updates: the shirts are almost certainly going to be here tomorrow, and we’ll be shipping them out the same day we get them (again, almost certainly tomorrow). You shirt-orderers should optimistically get your package sometime this week! Also, the mugs should arrive here either by the end of this week or the beginning of next week, so I’d estimate mugs should be showing up sometime late next week for those that ordered. Sorry for the slight delay for these items, but once they’re here, shipping should be much quicker!

Hey artists! Time’s running out for this month’s fan art theme, so if you’ve got a great idea and want to be showcased on BitF, make sure you post it before July’s over!