Finally, there are more BitF comics than obtainable rupees in the original Legend of Zelda!

I haven’t done a Super Smash Bros. comic in quite some time (in fact, I think the last one I did had Snake being sneaky as well!). So here’s a li’l visual gag in the flavor of some of the earlier comics, and one of the few appearances of plastic automaton R.O.B.

We’ve gotten some great submissions for this month’s art contest, and I’d always love to see more! In addition to the contests, though, sometimes a fan will send us some nice art unrelated to the monthly entries. I’d like to spotlight a couple of those right now: first up is HakuryuVision’s amusing look at mealtime entitled “Losing Your Appetite”! The detail is lovely, and it really captures Dedede, Kirby, Adeleine and Waluigi quite well! The second is a cute, Kirby-flavored variant on the recent “Eight Formidable Bosses” strip–this one comes from Master Pete Diddy and is entitled “Kirby Man”. See if you can recognize all the appearances of our hero, as there’re quite a few small details included. Thanks for the great work, guys!

Several users have received their Dededolls and–even better–have posted their own pictures in our Store thread! Any of you folks with merchandise already are welcome to post as well!

For the people that ordered the shirts, there’s been a small delay with the company making them, but we should almost certainly have them in tomorrow, and we’ll be sending them out immediately, so most of you should be receiving them sometime next week! If there’s a sudden development regarding this, we’ll be sure to keep you updated here. And those of you that got a doll with a shirt or two will be getting the entire package o’ goods at once. I’m including a custom drawing on each box too! It’s more like a doodle, though, so don’t get THAT excited. 😉

-By Matthew