It’s back! The Brawl in the Family Podcast has returned to talk games once again with BitF alumni Matthew Taranto and Chris Seward! Please pardon Matthew’s mic issues in this episode–we had a technical mix-up and it’ll be ironed out next time. Just imagine Matthew having to talk while being stuck inside an amiibo box.

As you can see, the “BitFCast” will now be featured in YouTube videos under the BitFinity company label, as well as in download links in the description. We have some snazzy new images to coincide with what we’re talking about now, thanks to Chris who edited and trimmed this bad boy.

Stay tuned for the unveiling of the new site within the next few days! We’ll also have a BONUS podcast episode (recorded in 2015) to unveil this week as well, complete with Matthew talking about ending BitF, as well as discussing favorite 2014 games. For now though, he’s feeling a bit…grouchier…

Keep an eye out for a second podcast later this week!