The mysterious “Lost Episode” finally appears! Layton puts a bee in Matthew’s bonnet while Chris pines for greener pastures. The fellows also cover the final Comic Talk segment, discussing the end of that inscrutable comic adventure, Brawl in the Family. At the time this was recorded in February 2015, Matthew believed that Zelda was going to be released by late 2015. That sound you hear is his innocence being shattered.

0:04 – Life after Brawl in the Family
01:48 – The 2014 Bitfies!
02:45 – Matthew’s Five Runners-Up
14:59 – Matthew’s Top Five Games of 2014 (Part 1)
33:45 – The Issues of Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney
46:28 – Matthew’s Top Five Games of 2014 (Part 2)
1:00:40 – Bugs and Missing Features in Games
1:07:54 – Comic Talk: Meet Me at Final Destination
1:14:25 – The Future of the Podcast (Well, we eventually stuck to the one-a-month schedule!)

More all-new content is coming soon! Episode 12 was devoured by a software glitch. We have upgraded our software and corrected the problem, but we will need to re-record the episode. Check back in August for more new episodes of the podcast and BitF Bits! Smell your flipside!

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