#11: “E3 2016 & Mighty No. 9”

Matthew and Chris bask in the glory of Zelda and reflect on the history of E3 announcements before bemoaning the unfortunate misadventures of Mighty No. 9.

0:26 – E3 2016 Introduction
03:35 – The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Discussion
20:38 – The History of E3 Zelda announcements
26:43 – What Matthew’s been playing: “999”
27:38 – What Chris’s been playing: “Doom”
32:56 – Mighty No. 9 Discussion (this week’s honorary “Why Did They Do That?!” segment)
1:07:00 – Reader Questions and Wrap-Up
1:11:10 – Epilogue: Pixar movies and the anatomy of Cars

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#10: “Star Fox: Then & Now!”

This month, Matthew and Chris take flight in Fox McCloud’s exciting new adventure, Star Fox Zero, as well as Slippy’s weird little game, Star Fox Guard! They also explore the colorful history of the Star Fox series.

This was recorded on April 27, 2016. (We had some website work and other stuff that extended the time needed to edit it.) Look forward to the next Podcast on July 1st, in which we’ll discuss the events of E3 2016!

0:42 : The History of Star Fox, starting with the original SNES game
8:26 : Matthew and Chris impersonate various Star Fox characters, and then continue talking about the History of Star Fox
19:38 : Star Fox Zero Discussion
44:58 : Star Fox Zero Spoilers
49:02 : End of Star Fox Zero Spoilers, discussion of the game continues
55:51 : Star Fox Guard Discussion
1:02:14 : Why Did They Do That??

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#9: “Anger and amiibo”

It’s back! The Brawl in the Family Podcast has returned to talk games once again with BitF alumni Matthew Taranto and Chris Seward! Please pardon Matthew’s mic issues in this episode–we had a technical mix-up and it’ll be ironed out next time. Just imagine Matthew having to talk while being stuck inside an amiibo box.

As you can see, the “BitFCast” will now be featured in YouTube videos under the BitFinity company label, as well as in download links in the description. We have some snazzy new images to coincide with what we’re talking about now, thanks to Chris who edited and trimmed this bad boy.

Stay tuned for the unveiling of the new site within the next few days! We’ll also have a BONUS podcast episode (recorded in 2015) to unveil in the future, complete with Matthew talking about ending BitF, as well as discussing favorite 2014 games. For now though, he’s feeling a bit…grouchier…

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#8: “BitF Finale & The 2014 Bitfies” [THE LOST EPISODE]

The mysterious “Lost Episode” finally appears! Layton puts a bee in Matthew’s bonnet while Chris pines for greener pastures. The fellows also cover the final Comic Talk segment, discussing the end of that inscrutable comic adventure, Brawl in the Family. At the time this was recorded in February 2015, Matthew believed that Zelda was going to be released by late 2015. That sound you hear is his innocence being shattered.

0:04 – Life after Brawl in the Family
01:48 – The 2014 Bitfies!
02:45 – Matthew’s Five Runners-Up
14:59 – Matthew’s Top Five Games of 2014 (Part 1)
33:45 – The Issues of Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney
46:28 – Matthew’s Top Five Games of 2014 (Part 2)
1:00:40 – Bugs and Missing Features in Games
1:07:54 – Comic Talk: Meet Me at Final Destination
1:14:25 – The Future of the Podcast (Well, we eventually stuck to the one-a-month schedule!)

More all-new content is coming soon! Episode 12 was devoured by a software glitch. We have upgraded our software and corrected the problem, but we will need to re-record the episode. Check back in August for more new episodes of the podcast and BitF Bits! Smell your flipside!

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#2: “A Link to the Past & Long, Long Tutorials”

It’s the second Brawl in the Family Podcast! This was recorded on March 20, 2013. We’re uploading each previous episode with some edits, added music, and stuff to look at (since it’s a video). Check back on July 1st for the next new episode!

[Act 1] Introduction (00:01)– It’s back, and this time with an altered opening. Could this be the start of the podcast’s “couch gag”? Only time will tell. But probably.

[Act 2] Game Discussion–The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (01:08)– Matthew and Chris chat about what makes this SNES classic so enjoyable even today, including features that are still done better than in modern Zeldas, and what innovations the game brought to the table. Matthew also touches upon what aspects of the game he feels are flawed.

[Act 3] Comic Talk–469-473 & 260 (15:35)– Now extended! Matthew shoots through the past couple weeks of comics and briefly talks about a discarded idea involving Yoshi poop. And a new addition has the guys discuss a classic strip in detail from BitF’s past!

[Act 4] Why Did They Do That? Zelda Tutorials and Over-Explanations (32:48)– Chris has something to get off his chest regarding the 3D Zelda games, and it’s gotta be said before the series spirals even further into its own overblown tutorials. Put up your dukes, Nintendo, because the guys are getting a little grouchy!

[Act 5] Reader Comments: Podcast Feedback (45:21)– A new segment involving you, the readers of BitF! Today, Matthew and Chris reply to the initial feedback from the podcast, as well as what they aim to do with it. Sorta.

[Act 6] Music Break: “A Link to the Past Medley” (47:09)– This section is all about giving you guys a remix straight from Matthew’s (dad’s) keyboard. This time around, in the spirit of the podcast, the Fire Emblem Main Theme.

[Act 7] Closing Comments (50:33)– That’s a wrap! Matthew and Chris are thirsty for more Zelda discussion, even though 30 minutes of this podcast was already out for excessive chattin’. CD-i Zelda sneaks its way into this chat somehow, and everyone starts talking about them snuggling together on the carpet at the end. Let us know what you think of this episode in the podcast discussion thread, and you may be featured in the next one!

[Epilogue] Dreaming of Birdo (54:47)

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#2: “Fire Emblem & Phantoon”

It’s the first Brawl in the Family Podcast! This was recorded on February 27, 2013.

[Act 1] Introduction (00:01)– Matthew and Chris introduce a potential new chunk of BitF, complete with a new theme song and a few familiar themes you may recognize.

[Act 2] Game Discussion–Fire Emblem: Awakening (01:28)– Series newcomer Matthew has finally opened his heart to this long-neglected franchise, and it is good. He details what makes the game so compelling, and why Nintendo fans should give it a chance. Later, the guys talk about Nintendo’s odd handling of digital distribution.

[Act 3] Comic Talk–467/468 (23:07)– Phantoon’s odd optical orifice is discussed here in more detail than anyone would probably want to know, as well as the original idea for comic 468 – Magic Tomes. Rated E10+ for talk of mythical Japanese monsters that have an eyeball for a butt.

[Act 4] Why Did They Do That? Nintendo Doomsayers(32:52)– A section built for a little venting, Matthew directs a bit of uncommon ire towards the constant negativity floating Nintendo’s way. The guys chat about post-launch droughts and what Nintendo can do to help their perception.

[Act 5] Leftovers: Trauma Team (42:33)– An impromptu segue gets everyone talking about the semi-overlooked Wii classic, Trauma Team. Chris discusses his fresh thoughts on the game, having just beat it, while Matthew remembers it fondly.

[Act 6] Music Break: “Fire Emblem Main Theme” (45:57)– This section is all about giving you guys a remix straight from Matthew’s (dad’s) keyboard. This time around, in the spirit of the podcast, the Fire Emblem Main Theme.

[Act 7] Closing Comments (48:00)– That’s a wrap! Please disregard the comments about the store for now, as we had to close it for a bit! But we hope you enjoyed listening.

[Epilogue] Patty and Selma’s Amazing Duet (48:43)

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