There’s been an update with the staff – Curus is resigning as a Lady of the Arena, and will thus be made a VIP. So, thanks for your work and help managing the Arena, Curus!

Rather than elect a new Lord or Lady, we’ll be going with just two for now, myself and Lenore. This means the Proving Grounds will have threads requiring just two approvals to be completely ready rather than three.

In addition to that change, there’s been some tweaking done with the Arena. First of all, rather than having a “100-word rule” the Arena will now have a “five-sentence rule,” which is basically what it sounds like. You can read more about it in the new rules thread.

And it’s a “new” rules thread because we’ve also reworked the Arena rules and guidelines threads into one. Everybody who’s read the old thread should take a look since it goes more in-depth on all things, from an introduction to the Arena to miscellaneous notes on behavior. And if you haven’t seen the old thread, you certainly should see the new thread too since hopefully you’ll be wanting to do an RP! Either way, it’s a lot neater, professional, and perhaps fluffy and cute.

Similarly, the Proving Grounds intro has been redone to better define the components of an RP and the expectations to be approved. Take a look at that too, why don’t you, and maybe get some ideas brewing.

So once again, farewell Curus, and everyone should check out the new Arena Rules and Guidelines thread as well as the Proving Grounds Intro. While we’re one staff member less, hopefully the Arena will be a more inviting place with the new threads. Just what you’ve always wanted for Christmas!