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Thread: NaNoWriMo Dare Thread

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    NaNoWriMo Dare Thread

    Well, we're nearing the end of Week 1, and right about now is when you start to realize that this might be a bit harder than you thought it would be. Your ambitions of making a great story have begun to fall away in favor of just finishing the damn thing. But what's that? You need an extra couple five hundred words for your quota, and try as you might, you can't get close to it?

    Never fear, the dares are here.

    What's a dare?
    Dares are just that: dares. Someone will post a challenge to the general group of writers that we have here, and everyone can try and do it as they wish. These dares must be things that are written in the story, and can range from 'a group of chickens attack your MC' to 'your character is secretly an alien' to 'race cars'.

    I'll just throw you a few dares to kick the thread off.

    • Have your characters watch a movie/show/play a game/whatever, and write out their reactions to it.
    • Some characters play a card game. Be in-depth in everyone's strategy and don't be afraid to give the play-by-play. This is really useful for extra wordcount.
    • Bar fights! They fit in every genre ever, and are hella fun to write.
    • The next death in your story will be caused in some way by a shovel.
    • Your MC meets themselves from an alternate universe/the future. Bonus points if it climaxes in a fight between the two.

    So, I doubt that this will get too much use until we reach Week 3 (which is the worst one by far), but at least it'll help us get there.

    Post here if you've got a dare to propose or have done a dare - and by all means, post the segment of your novel that you got from the dare.
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    Re: NaNoWriMo Dare Thread

    Well I already did the shovel one before seeing this thread so

    I'll post some dares too:
    • Have the next character introduced in your novel be introduced by a situation involving a herd of cats.
    • Have your MC join a barber shop quartet.
    • Impromptu musical number?

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