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Thread: Now Playing (Gamer's Edition - READ BEFORE YOU POST)

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    Re: Now Playing (Gamer's Edition - READ BEFORE YOU POST)

    Wowwwww, just played through Journey, and daaaang that is a good game. Like really it makes it into my top ten favorites, if not top five. It really found the right balance between art and gaming to just amaze me. A++, would definitely recommend to anyone who hasn't played it yet.

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    Re: Now Playing (Gamer's Edition - READ BEFORE YOU POST)

    Banjo-Kazooie. Prior to last night at around 11pm, I had never played it. Played about five minutes of it. It's just beautiful. I'm experiencing this game for the very first time, and I feel the same joy I felt like from when I first played Donkey Kong 64 back Christmas of 1999. Thank you, Rare (and to a degree, Microsoft). I would have waited to get it on Rare Replay on Xbox One (even though I don't own an Xbox One...yet) but I had enough to get both games on Xbox 360 so yeah. I am looking forward to playing more of this beautiful game

    And the only game with Banjo I've played up to this point was Diddy Kong Racing...
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    Re: Now Playing (Gamer's Edition - READ BEFORE YOU POST)

    I feel like I haven't posted here in years oh my goodness. Well I guess recently my friends got me into the Zero Escape series and I've been hooked. 9 Hours 9 Persons 9 Doors was absolutely amazing- the characters were likable, and the the music was really good and added to the creepy atmosphere so well. Not to mention how well-written the plot was, it obviously had a lot of thought behind it and it left me absolutely speechless. It was interesting playing the game over and over to unlock all the endings (most of which included you and/or other characters dying) and slowly piece together what was going on, and some of the plot twists just blew my mind. The escape sequences were also really fun to play and some of the puzzles were pretty clever. All in all 999 has got to be one of my favourite DS games if not my all-time fave!

    Virtue's Last Reward was also really great!! I was a little overwhelmed when I first heard it had 22 endings, but the in-game flowchart that let you jump to any of the major choices you make and choose something else was really helpful and avoided the frustration of having to sit through the same parts of the game over and over again. The escape sequences were maybe a little more frustrating than 999's, and sometimes I had to look at a guide because I was absolutely stumped. But the plot of the game was just as mindblowing and well-thought out, if not more.

    In general I just... absolutely loved these games and would recommend them to anyone who doesn't mind games with some upsetting/shocking/scary scenes, dark themes, and a lot of text!!

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    Re: Now Playing (Gamer's Edition - READ BEFORE YOU POST)

    Oh wow I forgot about this topic.

    I've been playing a lot lately! I've made a goal to finish my entire backlog this year, hopefully before E3.
    I finished six games in January, those being the following:
    Tomb Raider (Xbox 360) [Loved it]
    Zelda: Link's Awakening (3DS VC) [Hated it]
    Braid (PC) [Enjoyed it]
    Freedom Planet (PC) [Loved it]
    Life is Strange, episosed 2-5 (PC) [love it, but wasn't pleased with the ending]
    To the Moon (PC) [Enjoyed it, almost made me cry]

    and I'm currently suffering through Paper Mario: Sticker Star.
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    Re: Now Playing (Gamer's Edition - READ BEFORE YOU POST)

    You Don't Know Jack. Need I say more?

    My friends and I can't stop playing YDKJ; it's addicting and, in my opinion, the best trivia game out there. It's basically themed like a game-show, hosted by Cookie Masterson, asking you real-life trivia questions in weird ways. For example:

    Because he NEVER mentions it in his quatrains, which video game series did Nostradamus NOT predict?
    A. Doom
    B. Quake
    C. Portal
    D. Battlefield

    Majority of questions are asked like this, and it's up to your smart thinking to cut out the bull, and answer what the question is really asking for. If you've never tried it, there's a 2011 version on 360, PS3 and Wii, and a 2015 version on ps4, pc and xbone.
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    Re: Now Playing (Gamer's Edition - READ BEFORE YOU POST)

    I did something unusual today and completed not one, but two games. The first was Chibi-Robo Zip Lash. Since the game limits how many times you can use the amiibo in one day, progress was slow going. Zip Lash also has one of the worst level progression methods ever, causing me to repeat the same levels early on. I had to set it down for a couple months. However, I eventually learned how to best approach the game and had soon found an entertainer platformer. And while normally I hate final bosses that feature a genre shift, I was actually in the mood to play
    Punch Out!!
    with this final boss.

    The other game I completed was Steam World Dig. I bought it during the Humble Nindie Bundle sale back when I knew nothing of the game. Little did I know it was Metroidvania platformer, a favorite of mine. I collected everything minus two ores I couldn't reach. And I also unlocked the final boss door before knowing it existed. If only there was a new game plus because I would love to play it again.

    Edit: Decided to try harvesting the last two ores and finally found a way.
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