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Thread: [Forum Suggestion] Unicode support

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    Re: [Forum Suggestion] Unicode support

    Yes, but my point is that one small addition frequently leads to another.

    Unless some great need for this is demonstrated, I really don't see why Unicode support should be added.
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    Re: [Forum Suggestion] Unicode support

    I don't remember this thread-a being a thing, but I like this idea, so I'm-a gonna say it now and-a say it loud:


    Moonside articulated it well when he said "Not why but why not".

    And yeah, while Someguy has a valid point, Unicode just seems too basic to not have.

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    Re: [Forum Suggestion] Unicode support

    Was that really necessary? This thread's over a year old. It hasn't happened since and we've got no discerning need ("too basic to NOT have"? We've functioned perfectly fine without it thus far), I don't know why bumping this up after over a year without providing anything of value was deemed necessary.
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