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Thread: ~THIS IS THE END! (600 - One Final Song)~

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    Re: ~THIS IS THE END! (600 - One Final Song)~

    I only mean, thatnow that BiTF is over, it only makes sense for this forum to wind down, too. After all, there's not much to draw new people in, and the old people are slowly, slowly, being made to move on by Wallmaster.

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    Re: ~THIS IS THE END! (600 - One Final Song)~

    Decided to give another post all the way from 2015. Just wanted to say that even today, the effects of this comic can still be felt. I really wish sometimes that another comic would come strolling down on Tuesday or Friday, but Matt has decided that he has finished a great masterpiece. I wish to say that I hope to follow your work in the future Matt, and I'll make sure to get Tadpole Treble once you've completed it! Stay awesome forever.
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