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Thread: ~Current Comic Discussion (591 - Mario Vs. Thwomp), and....~

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    Re: ~Current Comic Discussion (591 - Mario Vs. Thwomp), and....~

    It ends full circle. I wonder if someone wants to make a spiritual successor?
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    Re: ~Current Comic Discussion (591 - Mario Vs. Thwomp), and....~

    Loved the joke in this comic.

    Oh, I really hate myself for living in Britain now. Oh well, some years in the future, perhaps the books will be on eBay, ready to be flown here.
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    Re: ~Current Comic Discussion (591 - Mario Vs. Thwomp), and....~


    MY LEAST FAVORITE GAME (genre/series) EVER

    It was funny though. Also, reading the Kickstarter page... How much money do I have to spend for you to draw Shadow and Vanitas in full color? XP


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    Re: ~Current Comic Discussion (591 - Mario Vs. Thwomp), and....~

    I hope comic 600 is a musical about the history of BITF.

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