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Thread: ~Current Comic Discussion (579 - Trophy Pose)~

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    Re: ~Current Comic Discussion (579 - Trophy Pose)~

    Ew, Rayman! You should at least cover that sneeze with your elbow--
    wait a minute.

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    Re: ~Current Comic Discussion (579 - Trophy Pose)~

    Quote Originally Posted by Tomato View Post
    Ew, Rayman! You should at least cover that sneeze with your elbow--
    wait a minute.
    This is genius.

    Also, @Iamabrawler, they spoke English in the PS2 version of Rayman 2: The Great Escape as well. That version had several improvements actually.


    Quote Originally Posted by Vanitas
    The X-Blade is a part of your heart too, idiot.

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    Re: ~Current Comic Discussion (579 - Trophy Pose)~

    Quote Originally Posted by TriforceBun View Post
    He did make a brief appearance in the E3 2012 review comic.

    I'm still irritated at Ubisoft's treatment of Legends (and to a wider extent, their views on Nintendo in general lately), but Legends itself is a great game regardless. If Rayman ever got the boost to being the next third-party Smash character, I could think of worse choices.
    Ubisoft's actions are part of why I still haven't picked it up just yet. The other part is now I'm just too busy with games--if it came out when it was supposed to, I'd have picked it up as there were no other games I was interested at the time.

    Anyway, Rayman's trophy is apparently because Legends was actually produced/published by Nintendo in Japan (which kind of makes the whole situation mentioned above worse :/) and the weirdness is actually partially Ubisoft to blame? Apparently they sent the 3D Model for it and that's what they gave them.

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