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Thread: Be original with your hello's

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    Be original with your hello's

    Hello members of our forum!

    I haven't seen to much of this, but I'd still like to address just so all of you actually see this and remember to NOT DO IT.

    For some reason, our forum prides itself in post count (I seriously wonder why sometimes) when it should be quality over quantity. But really, some of you may see this as a chance to increase your post count by greeting new members, I'm not saying it's a bad thing to greet them. But if you do decide to greet them onto the forum, please don't use the same message everytime.

    If the moderating staff see any of you writing the same thing, over and over, then you'll find yourself with an infraction upon you. No exceptions.

    Differ it up a little guys! Makes the new person not only feel welcomed, but special considering you gave them a customized message instead of a boring copy-pasted one. If any of you say, "But I typed it out, despite it being the same!" As a cop-out for your action, I'll make it a week. Just for trying to find loopholes.

    So in other news, happy greeting, and don't fall victim to the dreaded, "copy/paste" welcome!
    ~Nothing to see here~

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    I'm Megafan and I'm a juicaholic.
    I've been addicted since I was little. I just can't stop...
    ^Original enough?

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    Hello Everyone!

    Name: MoonHitler (It's a reference! Do not be offended by the fact that my name has Hitler in it.)
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Location: Britland
    About me: Tall, long hair, weirdly shaped nose, likes the colour purple (I have a morphsuit of this colour ) as well as yellow, orange and black.
    Favourite Nintendo Character: Waluigi (I wonder why Waaaaaa.)
    Weird things about me: I can move my eyebrows independently of each other, I can crenelate my tongue as well as roll it the regular way and in an upside-down fashion, I can wiggle my nose, have a very stretchy wenis and my big toes cannot bend in the middle. I can also pronounce the word "hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia" without having to think about it. Oh, and I'm a southpaw.
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    outset island
    I am toon link.
    and btw. you need an "i scream randomly" smilie.
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    Hi guys, just to let you know, you don't have to introduce yourselves here in this thread!
    You're allowed to make your own thread in the Fountain of Dreams for other users to find out about you!
    Hope to see you guys around!

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    Oh, ok.

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    Not much to say, to be honest.

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