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Thread: Store Issue

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    Store Issue

    Back sometime in February or March, I bought a dededoll and a shirt. While I got the shirt, I wasn't too concerned with the doll as they were currently out of stock.
    Well, I still haven't got my dededoll, and I'm kinda starting to get concerned. I have no idea who I should contact about it. I e-mailed the store about a week ago, but never received a reply. I'm trying to be patient, but this is getting ridiculous.
    So in the spirit of Elite Beat Agents....

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    Re: Store Issue

    a suggestion for a quicker reply
    try PMing (and VMing) both TriforceBun and fiftyeighthens here, give them a link to this thread or just plead your case there

    they usually don't read the Help Desk so far as I know, so it'll probably take a while for them to notice even this

    good luck

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