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Thread: ~BitF Fun Facts/Q&A Thread~

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    ~BitF Fun Facts/Q&A Thread~

    If Brawl in the Family was a DVD set, consider this the set of Easter Eggs: cut stuff, hidden stuff, even director's commentary (of sorts)! I'll be updating this initial post with fun facts when I feel like it, and in the meantime, you can ask me whatever you want about the comic itself and I'll attempt to answer!


    Just moved to the different board! To celebrate, I pose a challenge for the BitF readers--there is still a Mr. Saturn tucked away in one of the comics that no one has found yet. The only hint I'll give is that he's in a 2009 strip. First one to correctly find him gets something small! (how's that for incentive) Like a mention in a comic blog post or something. FOREVER. EDIT: AuraKnight found him! The answer's below if you wanna know...


    -2P Start Podcast interview!
    -An text interview I did in Feb 2010.


    -Most people are aware that BitF started on IGN and GameFAQs as random Photobucket images that I just called "Kirby Comics." The first 6 were posted, then the response was good so I continued making more up until around comic 31.

    -The world's first look at BitF!

    Took me awhile to come up with the name, though. Here is a list of other titles I was considering...

    Cute Little Poot
    You Must Recover!
    Way of the Sakurai
    Smash Ball
    Brawl in the Family (obviously, I picked this one)
    Brawl About Nintendo
    Brawl Things Considered
    Kirb Your Enthusiasm
    Penguin Marshmallow
    Real Men Use Items
    Stamina Mega Flower Curry Heavy Slow ANGLED Brawl

    -Comic 115 contains a parody song of You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch, but since I couldn't make it 80 panels long, I had to cut some stuff for time. Here's the removed stanza:

    You're a stinker, Dedede.
    You're a funky Wario Waft.
    You're as useful as the shovelware that comes from Ubi Soft
    For the Wiii-ii...

    (spoken) "Imagine Babiez"? What the heck!? These games aren't for... (sung)
    Anyone over threee!

    -A couple months ago, a fan actually made a video about the comic. It's pretty well-done, and the classy presentation of the first strip makes me laugh.

    -Want to see me? This is a video I made for a film class over a year ago. Hopefully you get some form of amusement out of it.

    -Really quick 'n sloppy animation I did

    -All about A Mushroom Kingdom Carol

    There are some fun facts. Got a question for me about the comic? Ask it in this thread!
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