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Thread: The Q and A Thread

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    Re: The Q and A Thread

    Are you like ever going to consider actually answering these?

    If not, then woopdidoo.
    If you will, then: "Which Holiday is your favorite, asides from Winterday and Chirstmas. and Easter."

    yes i just asked two questions stop asking me

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    Re: The Q and A Thread

    Would you rather...

    Live forever (or, if you prefer, into a ripe old age and die peacefully) without fear of disease or serious bodily harm, but spend five hours every day of that life taking care of Snuffles, the immortal talking cat! Snuffles isn't perfect though - he spends his five hours with you drinking heavily (which he pays for, however - you cannot drink, as you are his designated driver), and making crudely sexual and racist comments in public (when you take him out drinking - he refuses to drink in a residential area). After his binge drinking, you must then let him use one of your limbs (arms/legs) as a scratching post. This is necessary, as you can't get any sort of infection from his claws and he'll only scratch something that is currently living. Failure to cooperate with Snuffles causes your body to slowly disintegrate (which is very VERY painful) from the bottom up. If you choose to cooperate during disintegration, it will stop, but you do not get whatever's been destroyed back.


    You become infinitely wealthy, but can only spend your money in increments of $2-bills. If you want to purchase something worth $10k, you have to count out (one-by-one) 5k $2-bills, etc. If a place does not accept $2-bills, you cannot spend your money there. Failure to pay for anything and everything with these $2-bills will not only cause YOU to lose all the money and possessions you have, but everyone you've ever cared about/has ever cared about you will lose all of their money and possessions as well. You will all also be cursed to live with financial insecurity for the rest of your lives, with no hope of ever getting back on your feet properly.

    If you opt out of the choice entirely, you get the punishments of both with none of the perks. Good luck.
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    ^ Most accurate personality test EVER!

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