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    Sigs by Peasley

    Yup. I make sigs too. They aren't the masterpieces that mk4e make, and I don't have the experience of Villerar, but remember that I'm still learning and I can't do that without your help. Request!

    There are a few simple rules:

    Don't be an ass. This is pretty much rule 1 of BitForums, but please, really. If I do something wrong, I'll generally acknowledge it and offer to fix the issue. If not, politely suggest that I do so. Don't call me stupid, don't call what I make stupid, and and don't call other people's requests stupid. While if I definitely appreciate a good bit of constructive criticis, at some point you're just flaming.

    Don't request fifty-million sigs. I've seen a lot of people requesting multiple signatures lately, from all three shops. From now on, not counting the current requests, if you have received a new signature from any other artist during the 7 days, I will deny you and tell you to wait. It not appreciated for you to give up on something that somebody else put effort into so quickly. We're sacrificing our time for you. Also, if you have received a requested signature from me within the past 7 days, I will deny your request. I just made you something; give other requesters a chance.

    Please give me high-quality images. If you request a sig with most sprites, drawings, or just poor-quality images, I will ask for a different piece of artwork. Some pictures simply can't be made into sigs.

    Spoiler: Sigs for me, by me 

    Spoiler: Requested Signatures 


    The request form:
    The picture you want to use:
    The text:
    Any additional info:

    The lineup:
    1. Raptorlord
    2. Euredraith
    3. LinkElfice510
    4. Plaid Tuxedo
    5. EMPTY


    Have fun with your requesting!
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