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Thread: Do you have any weird habits?

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    Re: Do you have any weird habits?

    Quote Originally Posted by MooseFondue View Post
    You're not alone. I also argue with myself, which often leads to frustration.
    And while I don't do said 'worst case scenarios,' I will often just imagine what my friends/family/etcetera would do in imaginary situations. This, unfortunately, often leads to me getting upset at people when they haven't actually done anything.
    Pretty much the same here when it comes to the 'worst case scenarios' thing. I dunno why I do it, and I know that it's silly to get frustrated over something like that, but it just happens.

    Also, I argue with myself a lot, but I've been in the habit of calling myself Ark when I do that. It's not like I'm arguing with anyone besides myself, but for some reason, I've gotten to associate the side that I argue with by my username. It's actually pretty funny now that I think about it.

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    Re: Do you have any weird habits?

    I don't argue with myself, really, but I do explain things to myself. Like, really long explanations, too. It's sort of just me rambling on and on about how this is happening and why and what will happen because of it and why this should happen instead. But then I guess it could be considered an argument at times, since I think of points against my theories and then refute them out loud. I also tell myself jokes~

    And also when I'm just sort of sitting and I'm barefoot, I play with my feet incessantly. Just sort of twiddle my toes and mush my foot around and stuff like that. But then I lose my grip and kick things accidentally, whoops~

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