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    I found The Sacred Blacksmith on netflix streaming on my wii and I was like 'oh, looks medieval, alright.' and when I watched the first 2 episodes, I was like 'DAMN this is awesome!' because not only is it set in medieval times, my favorite era for things, had a female lead which I thought was a bit of a different thing from all the other ones I watched, but the lead male character, Jake, made a sword OUT OF A ROCK AND A HANDLE. I was like 'He's like Quilace! a slightly jerky guy who fights for what's right and makes swords out of thin air almost!' and I loved watching it. I'm probably going to watch more tomorrow, since it's 11:00 at night here... The only bad thing is that it's dubbed, but I think the voices suit the characters. At least the intro is in Japanese. Also I can pretty much tell it's drawn by a woman since the main lead is a female. It's still good so far, though.
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