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Thread: ~Media Discussion Rules~

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    ~Media Discussion Rules~

    ~Welcome to the Media Discussion Board~

    Within this board you'll be able to find anything that is related to TV, Books, Music, Movies, Comics (other than BitF of course), Sports, and more.

    Be sure that you keep all topics to the point of what that topic is for.

    Example: Say you are in a topic about Baseball and whom you want to win the World Series. Don't just barge in there about something unrelated to Baseball, and maybe this is a specific topic about YOUR picks for the World Series. Don't be posting about how Ken Griffey Jr. got his 700th home run last night.

    It would be wise for you to have at least gandered over and read the rules of the entire forum, found simply by clicking here.

    There you will find that it is against the Forum rules to talk about illegal things, like pirating music.(not pirate music)

    Another thing to keep in mind is that you do not want to spoil anyone about a movie, TV show, or anything of that sort. So be sure to check out how to use What BB-codes are available to use.
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