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Thread: Brawl In The Family (and kun) Plays Soul Eater

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    Brawl In The Family (and kun) Plays Soul Eater

    Yes, I was inspired by Xeno's CYOA. Yes, you can judge me for that. Will I particularly care? ...Not really. I've been on the fence about doing this for a while and today I decided "why not?" Aaanyways, this is going to follow the plot of the series of Soul Eater...somewhat. I'm sure you all can guess what that means if you feel like it. Like with Xeno's CYOA, you can break story continuity to quite a large extent, but the ultimate goal is to help your weapon partner become a Death Scythe by obtaining 99 Kishin Eggs and defeating a witch. So without further ado, let's start!


    A sound soul...dwells within a sound mind...and a sound body.

    Death Weapon Meister Academy. It stands as the defense against the forces of evil, which would plunge humanity into the depths of fear and madness. The demons known as Kishin have an insatiable hunger for destruction. To ensure the Kishin never regains a foothold in this world, the academy was founded by the Grim Reaper, Death himself.

    "So we're an organization that preserves peace. I guess we're not exactly a typical school. Oh well, that isn't important. For now let's roll up our sleeves and get to work. Wait, you need to enroll! What's your name? Gender (or lack thereof)? And what's your weapon partner's name and weapon form?"
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    Re: Brawl In The Family (and kun) Plays Soul Eater

    I already posted on the other forums, but I'm still here to save you from having to double post.

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