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Thread: Jolly Happy Jerk: Animation! (in progress!)

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    Cute Little Poot
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    Friday, Aug 8 2014

    Jolly Happy Jerk: Animation! (in progress!)

    Hey guys, it's been over year since I've made an animation and I've been itching to do another one!
    So here's a sneak preview of the next one, which I can hopefully complete in time :D

    The finished video will definitely be posted here (uhh, eventually!)
    But go ahead and subscribe to my channel if you haven't already!
    Thanks for watching :D

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    Re: Jolly Happy Jerk: Animation! (in progress!)


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    Ha! Like I would tell you! I would have to kill you if I did.

    Re: Jolly Happy Jerk: Animation! (in progress!)

    Looks awesome! Hope you can get it done!
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    Re: Jolly Happy Jerk: Animation! (in progress!)

    Looks real nice. I hope this gets out on time!
    This makes me miss BitF so much.
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