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Thread: New Cartoon Network Pilots

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    New Cartoon Network Pilots

    Ridin' With Burgess
    Twelve Forever

    Check 'em out.

    My personal opinions:
    Ridin' With Burgess.... is an okay concept? The basic premise, Earth's ambassador to space, is fine! I'd watch it. What I don't like is the protagonist, at all. He's... insufferable. It's a no from me.
    Jammers is worse than cancer. It is the most eye gougingly horrible cartoon I have ever had the displeasure of watching. I literally couldn't make it more than 2 minutes.
    Twelve Forever is good! Character designs are a bit wonky on the humans but other than that I like it!

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    Re: New Cartoon Network Pilots

    I had seen Twelve Forever, and,
    yeah, it's good. Albeit not really my thing but the animation and art style are nice and the worst I can say about is that the characters are a little boring. The male lead especially, he just kinda reacts mundanely to everything and not even in a funny way.

    I like the Butt Witch tho, she's got an awesome design and the concept of giving her what I'm thinking is not Tim Curry but a pretty good impression is a bizarre and yet amazing choice. Or maybe it's not Tim Curry, I'm not good with celebrity voices, that's who it reminded me of anyways. If I did watch this show, it'd mainly be for her.

    I dunno man, like, Twelve Forever has a pretty solid base for a series, but I'd like to see it develop it's story and characters and conflicts a little more before I'd check it out.
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    Re: New Cartoon Network Pilots

    I don't personally feel the need for spoiler alerts, but sure, I'll go with it.

    I have to agree with Kiwi on Ridin' With Burgess. Idiot protagonists are difficult to pull off successfully. Burgess antics are more annoying than anything.

    While Jammers art style is certainly hideous, I decided to watch the whole thing. It had its moments with its quirky humor, especially with the character subconscious interactions, but the potty humor is ultimately a turn off. Seriously, why did one of the guys turn into a toilet and ask his friend to drop a load off? If that was an innuendo, it lacked subtlety.

    Twelve Forever has a lot going for it: decent art design, a setting with plenty of potential, and nice character dynamics. I rather like the contrast of the childish girl and the straight-man boy. And finally, the butt witch rounds off the cast very nicely. I didn't think of it at first, but she does remind me of Tim Curry.
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