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    Last Connection

    In the center of the Third Great Octant of the Human Empire, 700 million light miles from humanity's origin, was a small, habitable planet, Terran IV. It was not always so nurturing of life, but humanity's resourcefulness slowly turned the planet's favor. For over two centuries, humanity has inhabited the planets. For just over a century, the immigration of alien races has occurred. At present, seeing a large, blue salamander doesn't come as much surprise as it would in the times of humanity's planetlock on Earth.

    It is on this planet that the events of our story takes place. The sun rose over the southern mountains of the country of Mergot, casting a soft yellow glow onto the forests of Ellson. Four young individuals would soon slowly awaken from their night of sleep. Any of their attempts to remember the events of the previous week will only result in a pounding headache.

    Each of the individuals will have their choice of communications device nearby, ranging from the eWatch, to laptops, to cell phones.

    Welcome, everyone, to: Last Connection.

    I would like to introduce our cast of characters:
    Spoiler: Button Gwinnett XVI 

    Spoiler: Apaec Prey 

    Spoiler: Zaraus 

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    Re: Last Connection

    Zaraus awoke in a cold sweat. The night had been short for him and he had suffered from a thin veil of nightmares all throughout. This was not an uncommon occurrence for the Allidarti; he only wished for a night of restfulness for a change. It seemed at this rate that Zaraus would never find true comfort in sleep
    I may need to research my own sleeping habits further if I am to ever hope of peace at night, Zaraus thought, rubbing a dull ache out of his forehead. To conduct a study on himself ... the idea was intriguing to the curious mind of Zaraus. He would have to start a log of his habits before bed and upon awakening in order to narrow down the possibilities regarding his uneasiness in sleep. Zaraus sat up straight now. Why wait for the night when he could start right now?

    Zaraus grabbed a nearby tablet and began jotting down his experience upon waking this morning: distant nightmares, cold sweat, slight headache, slight exasperation. While he was at it, Zaraus supposed he should also include what thoughts he still retained from the night prior just to get a leg up on his observations. But when he tried to pull memories from naught but five hours before, he was met only with another headache- one much stronger than before. Reeling in pain, Zaraus folded in on himself and lay motionless on his bed for several minutes.

    When the pain had subsided, Zaraus lay outstretched on his bed thinking. It was odd that a thought to the past only brought a headache. Had he taken anything strange the night before? Not wanting to risk another pain attack, Zaraus slowly exited his bed and went to the window of his small lodging. The room was only a rental for the week while Zaraus was in Mandovail, so he wasn't quite yet accustomed to the new view outside his second-story window. The window opened for Zaraus, a ray of pale sunshine crossing his face. That's when Zaraus noticed the strangest thing about the city that rarely slept:

    There was no noise coming from the streets.
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    Re: Last Connection

    ((My Internet is acting up, so apologies if this gets double or triple posted without my knowledge.))

    Button Gwinnett woke up, and he didn't recognize the ceiling.

    Oh, great, he thought. This is like one of those movies where the good guy gets kidnapped and knows it because he wakes up in a different bed than usual. I bet I'll get a cackling-laden rant from the villains over a loudspeaker any minute now.

    Aaaaaany minute now...

    Button just lay there, because what what else do you do when you get kidnapped and spirited away to some mysterious hotel-type room? He'd neglected to equip himself with the concealable gadgets the movie spies always have, cleverly hidden so their kidnappers won't take them away. In fact, now that he thought about it, Button actually couldn't remember being kidnapped at all. Had they wiped his memory???

    ...On second thought, maybe he was overthinking this.

    Button's wary attempt at standing was immediately interrupted by a splitting headache, which he would likely have attributed it to the drugs the kidnappers used on him if he weren't distracted by writhing in agony. After a few moments spent dazed on the floor, he warily stood (again) and looked around. The room was surprisingly uninteresting, with typical hotel decor. Button recognized some of the stuff scattered about the room as his own belongings, and some other stuff as Pop's. Had Pop been kidnapped, too? He didn't seem to be anywhere in the room, at least.

    The most intriguing thing in the room, however, was the large floor-to-ceiling window, covered by large, heavy drapes. Button shoved them aside and looked out. The street outside was in chaos - hotdog carts lay abandoned, purses, backpacks, and briefcases were strewn around, and vehicles were crashed into walls and each other. It was as if everyone else in the world had vanished.

    Button immediately went to raid the minibar.
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