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Thread: Steven Universe Thread

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    Re: Steven Universe Thread

    I think they have an official website? You could probably find a link on their tumblr.

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    Re: Steven Universe Thread

    There's also the World of Steven Universe, just a Google search away.
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    Re: Steven Universe Thread

    Dangit, not full eps.
    But the stuff I did saw effectively made me want to try harder...

    EDIT: Nevermind I'm a dumb.

    EDIT EDIT: And now I'm all caught up. Does it count as late at night if it's almost morningzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...
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    Re: Steven Universe Thread

    Spoiler: Here's something to speak of regarding Yellow Diamond... 

    "Works" Thread || Youtube
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    Re: Steven Universe Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by Eltrotraw View Post
    Not exactly what I expected but the scenery looks very familiar, but you already acknowledged that.

    My thought: The communication hub was never fully destroyed because Sugilite noticed Pearl+Steven ran off, and thus decided to run through the ocean to find them. As she was running through the ocean, they ended up being consumed by Sugilite's rage and refused to listen to any sort of reason and thus had to be appropriately taken down. However, there's a plus side to this if I take in my tactician mindset here - opening up a communication hub can possibly intercept gem transmissions, in particular Peridot, since Peridot is still on the run. Obviously Peridot would want to still escape the planet, so if she's in contact with say - oh, I don't know, Yellow Diamond - then that's something the Gems would want to know about. Consider that Peridot would also not be using a message sent directly to Steven like the Wailing Stone as well.
    Well, you weren't completely wrong.

    Sugilite didn't COMPLETELY destroy the communication hub, because Peridot used what was left of it to try and contact Yellow Diamond, though not to escape the planet, but to try and complete the task she was assigned to do in the first place because both her escort and informant are at the bottom of the ocean right now.

    So, Cry For Help

    I think I might fully understand this episode.

    While the true cry for help may have been Peridot contacting Homeworld to request backup, it also could be Pearl and Amethyst. Pearl and Amethyst don't feel strong enough unless they fuse with Garnet. This is dictated by both of their lack of self worth. Amethysts issues stem from having problems being created in the kindergarden. Pearls issues stem from her losing Rose, the only thing she would live for. Garnet doesn't have this problem because she's literally made of love. She doesn't She doesn't know what it's like to be Pearl or Amethyst so she felt like she was being used because she takes fusion very seriously because she is a fusion.

    Let's look back to Coach Steven, which this episode is obviously a parallel to. Amethyst and Garnet became Sugilite, which made Pearl feel left out. She initially wanted to fuse with Garnet but she didn't offer consent. She even feels jealous at the mere presence of the fusion "and overzealous, I'm telling you for your own good and not because I'm-". Sugilite eventually became unstable, and I think that the Amethyst side of Sugilite wanted to remain Sugilite for a bit longer because she felt powerful, which eventually overworked and overwhelmed the fusion. With Pearl and Garnet fusing into Sardonyx, Amethyst is now the one feeling left out, and feeling incompetent looking at her past mistakes. Pearl goes too far and desperately creates opportunities to become Sardonyx because she too wants to feel powerful, and the only way to to so, to the both of them, is through Garnet. With the episode ending on a really sour note, I really hope this gets resolved.

    looks like this week in particular seems to have more continuity than the last, so there's going to be more to this newfound conflict definitely.

    On another note, Peridot contacting homeworld. And desperately trying to contact Yellow Diamond for more assistance. There's a good chance it might have made it to Homeworld, so what does that mean for the future? More Homeworld gems probably.

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    Re: Steven Universe Thread

    Wow, that was quite the Steven bomb.

    I don't even know what to say currently.
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