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Thread: Favorite things you've watched this year?

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    Favorite things you've watched this year?

    2014's been an interesting year for tv shows, movies, etc. so what I want to know is, what did you like watching this year and why?

    Some things I enjoyed were:

    Space Dandy- I remember coming across this near the beginning of the year actually, and staying to it until it ended last fall. Really liked the western influence this anime had on it, with many downright hilarious moments.

    Steven Universe- I remember not being interested in this at first but then I forgot if it was Fusion Gem or Mirror/Ocean Gem that drew me in but it happened. What i really like are how the gems personalities are all flawed yet compliment one another.

    Guardians of the Galaxy- This movie was so good I watched it three times. Just, really good.

    Over the Garden Wall- This is probably my favorite thing that i've seen. I really liked this miniseries and 'd recommend it to anyone. Overall good story from beginning to end, creates its own atmosphere, pretty good ride all the way through.

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    Re: Favorite things you've watched this year?

    I got through a lot of my immediate anime backlog this year, and the clear standouts were Shiki and Chihayafuru. It's interesting; I went into both not expecting much, but they completely surpassed my expectations, and now are among some of my favorite anime.

    Literally the only problem I had with Shiki were its character designs, which feel really out-of-place. Absolutely everything else is just perfect - the multiple viewpoints, the characters' humanization and development, the atmosphere, and how it all comes together. An amazing thriller with a different view of vampires and themes that are still relevant 17 years later.

    As for Chihayafuru, I never thought I'd be seen singing the praises of a sport anime, but welp. Despite being very obscure, karuta is a perfect choice for the subject matter, being in equal parts a physical, emotional, and mental sport, thus not only making the matches interesting to watch but also giving the characters the opportunity to grow in multiple ways, which the show handily takes. It's great to be able to watch Chihaya become someone who takes the game so seriously, after seeing her enthusiastic and inexperienced kid self's clumsy play. Shiki was overall better, but I think I ended up enjoyed Chihayafuru more, so I guess it's my favorite. Anyway SEASON 3 WHEN MADHOUSE

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    Re: Favorite things you've watched this year?

    My list is literally Keeby's list:

    Over the Garden Wall is now pretty much my favorite cartoon series ever. Beautiful animation, lovable characters, an incredible atmosphere that's helped by the soundtrack... it's a great story arc that actually features a lot of character development, more than you'd expect from even the highest quality of cartoons. This is all wrapped up in a whimsical yet haunting tale that feels like it should be a classic fairy tale. One of the few shows I'd say that's as close to perfection as you can get, that's an honor I've only given to Breaking Bad so far.

    Guardians of the Galaxy is one of my favorite movies now. It's one of the most fun experiences I've had watching a movie in a long time. It managed to take something as niche as GotG and made it into an instantly huge franchise from day 1. It's got a ridiculously enjoyable soundtrack, and an incredibly diverse cast that has immense chemistry with each other. Particular standouts for me were Michael Rooker as Yondu (formerly Merle of the Walking Dead... Yondu's basically blue space Merle and I love it) and Dave Batista as Drax (okay it's Bautista but my brother is huge into pro wrestling and often begged me to watch with him, I'm too accustomed to the simplified ring name spelling to change the habit). All I know is, Mr. Lens Flare has a gigantic hill to climb in making the new Star Wars - Guardians did a better job of being Star Wars than Star Wars, without actually trying to be Star Wars. This is what I want out of a fun space sci-fi movie.

    Space Dandy is another immediate favorite of mine. It's one of the funniest shows I've ever seen, and yet as crude as it can be at times it still manages to have a lot of heart too (the episode where Dandy befriends and travels with the little girl alien he intended on capturing comes to mind). There's maybe two or three episodes of the run that I don't like, and I wouldn't call them bad. I'm really glad I decided to listen to the hype the chat was giving it, because it was worth it. The Space Race and Chameleonian episodes are some of the funniest things ever written, period.

    Steven Universe has so much heart and soul that it went from "eh, seems like it has potential but I'm not interested" to something I am actively excited to see grow and develop. I saw the first episode, thought it was pretty okay - unremarkable but worthy of a follow up. I saw the second episode, thought it was pretty okay, and didn't bother to catch up. I started binge watching with Kenz in the Fall, though... goddamn, that changed my opinion a lot. If you start to marathon this show, it gets really hard to stop. Don't let an okayish first impression let you consider this a low priority show to watch, force yourself to watch... oh I dunno, 4 or 5 episodes. That can be done in an hour, and you'll be hooked.

    Some other assorted thoughts... I do want to watch Captain America: The Winter Soldier because I've heard excellent things about it. And as for a random thing I watched on Neflix, I absolutely loved Fargo and I can't wait to watch the TV series that I just got on DVD. I also watched a bunch of Studio Ghibli movies and they're all very high quality - my top three is some assortment of Laputa/Castle in the Sky, Totoro, and Porco Rosso. Special shoutouts to Nausicaa (that would be #3 but apparently it technically isn't a Ghibli movie because the studio didn't exist yet) and Princess Mononoke.
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    Re: Favorite things you've watched this year?

    Is this for works released this year, only, or are works we have watched for the first time acceptable? Eh, I'll just assume the latter and accept whatever punishment may come.

    Eureka Seven: Despite my better thinking, and my usual extremely high standards, I found myself enjoying Eureka Seven quite thoroughly. It had its fair share of problems (the three kids being the show's worst aspect), but I couldn't stop myself from being interested in the characters and the story being told. I consider Eureka Seven a guilty pleasure for me. And then I watched AO and I stabbed myself for being interested in E7 in the first place.

    Ghost Hound: It's a slow series, but not in a bad way. The series is well-thought-out, and the plot was compelling with characters that were likable enough. The art, while admittedly simple, was pretty nice, especially with what appears in the other world.

    Granted, I watched quite a few things this year, but my overly-high standards prevented me from liking most of it or I simply don't remember it.
    For example, I didn't like Guardians of the Galaxy, but eh, personal tastes are personal (don't kill me).

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    Re: Favorite things you've watched this year?

    My absolute #1 thing that I've watched this year is Inazuma Eleven- a Japanese anime about soccer playing kids who use their skills to defeat the bad guys and save the world (or something of the sort.) Link for the 1st season on Youtube:
    I really recommend trying this out, even if you're not a soccer fan.
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    Re: Favorite things you've watched this year?

    Let's see... Well, I've been watching Pokémon XY a lot this year, pretty great.

    I also love the Sonic Boom cartoon. Probably my favorite show of 2014.

    Doctor Who had a good season as well, enjoyed the whole thing.

    As for movies... Guardians of the Galaxy was great, I enjoyed The Giver, and... That's all I remember. ^^;

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    Re: Favorite things you've watched this year?

    Mmm Guardians of the Galaxy was pretty great, as was Big Hero 6. Can't really think of anything else, although I started Space Dandy and it's been pretty good so far.
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    Re: Favorite things you've watched this year?

    Some of my favorites had to be Guardians of the Galaxy and this anime I've started- Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas. I've also enjoyed watching lots of Midsomer Murders and finally getting through all the Futurama Netflix has to offer. I also really liked Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law. Yeah, as you can probably tell, I watch a lot of random crap.
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    Re: Favorite things you've watched this year?

    I am not really one to watch a lot of stuff,
    though thanks to my brother, I saw a lot of great stuff this year.

    -Over the Garden Wall
    I can't top Lighting's comments on this; it's fantastic, will watch again soon!

    -Whisper of the Heart
    This last year I got caught up on most of the Studio Ghibli films,
    I have only seen Totoro before 2014, this year I watched Castle is in the Sky, Howl's moving Castle, Ponyo, and the Cat Returns; (All fantastic!)
    though Whisper of the Heart would have to be my favorite out of those, just so many feels.

    -Gravity Falls
    This last year I just started watching this series; I quite like it!

    I think that's it, I feel like I am missing something... XD
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    Re: Favorite things you've watched this year?

    Quote Originally Posted by Puzzle044 View Post
    the Cat Returns
    I completely forgot about the Cat Returns. It was an interesting movie, and quite funny. I was expecting something a bit different from a semi-sorta related movie to Whisper of the Heart, but that doesn't make this trip of a film any less awesome. Thanks for bringing this one up.

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    Re: Favorite things you've watched this year?

    If we're talking about things that came out in 2014, then I absolutely adored Barakamon. Usually I find slice-of-life anime cute but maybe a bit boring, but I honestly loved every second of Barakamon and found myself genuinely smiling and laughing and even crying at certain points. And I loved every single character and all the character development the protagonist had. Not to mention it was a great example of a funny and cute show without any romance in it whatsoever haha.

    If we're talking about stuff that came out earlier but I watched last year then, like Monarch of Madnezzzzzz, Inazuma Eleven. I actually started watching it as a joke but fell in love with its weird charm almost instantly, and it felt a bit like watching the Pokémon anime done a lot better. I'm not even a fan of football/soccer but it was such a fun show and I got so attached to it and its adorable characters that I actually cried when I finished it. And it also means a lot to me because it really helped me through a difficult time...

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    Re: Favorite things you've watched this year?

    Log Horizon. The first episode pointed to be a clone of previous shows like .Hack and Sword Art Online, but with lesser quality on every aspect. From animation to music... But it took another turn which changed my perspective of it. I would like to see where they take it now.
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    Re: Favorite things you've watched this year?

    Out of all the things this year I loved watching to this year was Gravity Falls, and Once Upon a Time, which my girlfriend is in love with.

    And I recently started listening to quite an intresting podcast called SleepyCabin. The core people are usually Stamper (StamperTV), Chris (OneyNG), Zach (Phychicpebbles), and Mick (Ricepirate). Most of them are YouTube animators and tell stories about everything and anything. And I mean everything. And anything.

    It's quite intresting and just to let you know, is totally NSFW. It's quite vulgar. Many topics are extremely inappropriate. So be warned. But on the plus side, the very first episode caused me to laugh and cry so hard and I couldn't breath. If you want to listen to heated debates on how somebody should wipe their butts...this is the podcast for you.

    Here's the very first episode if you're curious.
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