Hey. I was messing around today and came up with this idea for a Five Nights at Freddy's fan fiction. I've always wondered about the people in the game besides Mike, Jeremy, Phone Guy, and Fritz Smith. Plus, I really enjoy writing mystery stories and the like. So, here's the intro. Enjoy~

Neither Fazbear Entertainment not the police had anything to do with letting this information come to light. They didnít sanction this confession. They probably donít even know it exists, which might be why itís still up on the internet. I posted it because everyone deserves to know what happened to those kids. And thereís nobody better to tell the story than me.
Iím not the killer. Iím not one of those creepy animals. Iím definitely not the night guard. Iím not brave, or strong, or even all that good of a guy. Leave that to other people better suited to being nice. I am, however, involved with the case. You could say Iím the most informed person here. My name is Isaac Blake, and Iím the detective presiding over the case.
If youíre one of those poor kidsí parents, then I can do nothing for you but apologize. I really wish I could have apprehended the man who did this. I guess I just wasnít good enough of a detective, huh?
I want to thank Jeremy for typing this thing up for me. Youíve been great and I really wish I could tell you all this in person. But I canít come back to the city any more than I can rejoin the police force. I made a decision to leave, and itís not one I can take back now. At least you stuck by me. I know you have better things to do than type up a washed-up gumshoeís memoirs, and Iíd do it myself if I could.
Itís just hard to type without my dominent hand.
This is my story. Read it if you dare.

More will come when more exists... I just cranked this thing out in a few minutes!