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    Vocaloid Academy: A Vocaloid Fanfiction

    Since BitF has a writing forum, I decided to post this "little" project. For the sake of what little canon Vocaloid has, please read this as an AU (Alternate Universe) story. Before we dive in, all I ask is that you please do not copy/steal my story. I worked very hard on this and it's not fair to take this without giving credit to me, or to take ANY writer's story without acknowledging their hard work. Enjoy!
    The secretary knocked lightly on the immense wooden double doors that lead to Master’s study. Her fist shook as she rapped on the door, knowing he’d be displeased with her news. Vocaloid Academy’s student application videos this year just didn’t look very promising. Their singing styles were unusual and the backgrounds were filled with electronic-sounding synths. Master would be displeased with her. He’d hate the music, and all those hopeful teenagers who’d auditioned. And he’d hate her, his secretary, for wasting his time with such untalented voices.
    “Come in.” Master’s young voice sounded faint and tired, but the secretary knew not to underestimate him because of his young age and physical weakness. Those who did were typically sacked.
    “C-coming, sir.”
    As she opened the door, a sound from within made the secretary stop. That high voice… that song… he’d found the audition videos already. He’d already heard those unprofessional children. The secretary began to shake in fear. Master was displeased with her already, she knew it. Resigning herself to unemployment at the very least, she stepped forward into the study. The room was lit only by the setting sun streaming in through the windows. Master was behind a semi-transparent black curtain, so the secretary could only see his silhouette. And that silhouette was holding a laptop. The woman could see the glow of a video playing. One of the wannabe students… what was her name? Hatsune Miku?
    “Sir…” Please, not that initiate. Couldn’t he have picked one of the half-decent ones?
    “Miss, I need to talk to you about this initiate.”
    The secretary sank to the floor in fear, he voice quivering. “I’m sorry! None of this year’s entries are very good! They’re all like this! Please forgive me, Master! I should have denied these applications immediately. Please, sir!”
    Master’s young voice became shrill with rage. “No! You aren’t to deny any of them! Especially not this one, do you hear me?! NOT THIS ONE!”
    The secretary watched Master’s silhouette fall back on the pillows, weakened and coughing. Miku’s song stopped playing. Master reached out a slender hand and clicked to the next song. Miku again. The secretary looked confused.
    “Sir… you want me to accept all this year’s applications?”
    Master exhaled slowly, regaining his composure. “Yes. Accept all of them.”
    The secretary nodded affirmative, and exited. Her heart was still pounding at the speed of a jackhammer as she walked away from Master. Puzzlement, confusion, and disbelief swirled as if in a blender around her mind. Why did Master like this one so much? He normally only accepted a few initiates every year, and his grading was tough. Even when a student was accepted, no one had ever graduated the school with the highest honors of all- the title of Virtual Diva. It was awarded by Master himself. And he’d never thought any student at the school had deserved it. Every time that another Diva Sing-Off rolled around, he never crowned anyone winner, and complained that he was “too weak” to attend. The secretary shuddered. If Miku stayed at the school long enough to graduate, Master would surely give her the title of Diva. He seemed to like her enough. The secretary smiled grimly. Even if Master liked Miku, there was no guarantee that the music teacher would train her. In fact, it was pretty unlikely. The teacher’s name was Ms. Aurora Lyrica. She was probably the most prestigious vocal coach in the world. And there was no way Miku Hatsune could ever hope to become one of her students.

    Part One: Vocaloid Girls, Master Boy

    Miku Hatsune looked up from washing the dishes. It was a warm summer evening, the kind meant to be spent outdoors with friends. The teenage girl pushed a stray blue-green hair out of her face and kept working. Whomever was calling would have to wait until after her chores were done. Miku’s parent’s were pretty strict about chores. As in, no running off while she was supposed to be washing the dishes.
    Miku looked up from the dishes and realized that the person calling was Teto. Teto Kasane was her best friend. The two girls had gone to school together since the very beginning, and had loads in common. Both had the same favorite hobby- singing. Forgetting the dishes, Miku rushed out the door of her parents’ apartment. Running down the stairs, long pigtails streaming out behind her, the teenage girl wondered what Teto wanted to talk about so badly. She had chores in the evening, too. What her friend had to say was probably important.
    Arriving at the bottom of the stairs, Miku saw her friend standing on the sidewalk. Teto’s pink hair was curled into her signature ringlet-pigtails. She looked unhappy and uncomfortable, as if she had unpleasant news. Miku sighed. Teto’s emotions were practically an open book, so if she looked like she had unpleasant news, preparing for the worst was recommended.
    “Miku… Do you remember when we both applied to music schools? You got accepted to Vocaloid Academy? Well… I…” Teto’s voice petered out, and she looked like she was about to cry.
    “What is it? You didn’t get accepted?!” That had to be it. Miku felt sympathy for her friend, but was secretly relieved. It wasn’t a serious calamity after all.
    “No. It’s not that.” Teto began to cry, but kept talking, words punctuated by thick sobs. “I’ve been accepted into Utau University.”
    Miku’s brow furrowed in confusion. “And you’re crying about this because…?”
    Teto cried louder. “It’s on the other side of the country!”
    Realization dawned, and Miku’s blue eyes became a tearful ocean. “We’ll… we’ll never get to see each other again!”
    Teto nodded through her tears, and the best friends hugged each other, both crying now.
    Miku’s mother looked out of the window, shaking her head at the sight of the two girls crying. She’d never understand these teenagers. Always getting over-emotional about something. Frankly, she didn’t even want to know what it was this time. Miku and Teto were acting like it was some kind of big calamity. They were probably lamenting some character being killed off in one of those manga they were always reading.
    Five minutes of open floodgates later, Miku returned to her family’s apartment, sufficiently composed. She and Teto had sworn on their eternal love for leeks and french bread respectively that they’d always be friends. The teen girl resigned herself to endless email correspondence and walked into her room. It was painted blue, and contained Miku’s bed, a desk, her nightstand, and a fuzzy aquamarine beanbag chair. Walking over to her desk, Miku decided to check her email. The letter she’d gotten from Vocaloid Academy for Musical Education a couple days ago had told her to check her emails for more information. As her inbox opened, Miku took quick note of her new messages. One from her grown-up brother, Mikuo, and a strange message from someone called Email addresses didn’t normally have any capital letters, and the screen name “Master” was just plain creepy. It took Miku a few seconds to realize that “vame” stood for Vocaloid Academy for Musical Education. With some trepidation, she opened the email. The message was brief.
    Miku Hatsune:
    I, as the head of this school, feel compelled to personally congratulate you on being accepted. Your audition tape was true art. The song you sang, “World is Mine”, was positively beautiful. You are truly gifted. I dearly hope that we can meet in person. I apologize for the somewhat unnerving screen name. I call myself “Master” as an alias. Headmaster is too old and stuffy a title for me. As to personally meeting, if it is convenient, may I invite you to come to the school a day early so I may have the pleasure of showing you the grounds? It would give me great joy to meet the young woman whose voice has made such a deep impression on me. However, if you cannot come, we can arrange another date for us to meet. I wish you well and pray that you can accept my proposal.
    The Headmaster of Vocaloid Academy
    Miku read the email twice over to make sure that she’d understood. The headmaster of Vocaloid Academy wanted to meet her personally. He claimed that her voice had made an impression on him. Miku didn’t know what to think of such praise. A skeptical part of her mind thought that Master’s accolades had to be false. No one spoke like that about music. A more believing part of her remembered that he was the head of a music school, and as an expert, had that kind of passion in him. Oddly, something in his praising words gave Miku an idea of desperation from their writer. As if he had nothing to lose, and was trying to pour the heart’s deepest feelings into a puny email. Could her music have really touched someone that much? Miku didn’t honestly know. What she did know was that if she accepted, she might find out. Taking a deep breath to try to quell her stormy mind, Miku hit the reply button and composed an email in return.
    I’m honored that you enjoyed “World is Mine”. It’s an original song, and I’m glad that you liked it. By the way, I accept your offer. Can’t wait to start at your school, sir!
    Your soon-to-be Student,
    Miku Hatsune
    Before she could even think about changing her mind, Miku hit send. Yawning, she began to get ready for bed. The date that Master had set for their meeting was in two days. Miku knew she’d have no trouble convincing her parents to allow her to go. They’d be ecstatic that their daughter’s music had such good reception. Closing her eyes, Miku sprawled out across her bed, ready to sleep and dream of her future at the most prestigious music school in the country.
    “Miku Hatsune! Get up this instant! It’s your big day, sweetie!”
    Miku’s mother hadn’t objected to Master’s proposal at all. In fact, she’d been just as happy as Miku had predicted. When her daughter had told her the news the day before, she’d practically pulled a backflip.
    “Coming, Mom.” Miku stretched like a cat and leapt out of bed. The day before had been relatively uneventful. Miku’s father had taken a day off from his job as an engineer in order to spend time with his daughter. Even Mikuo had cut school to come to see her. The two siblings had been practically inseparable as children, and still emailed. Miku closed her eyes in happiness, remembering how Mikuo had picked her up and swung her around as he laughed. She knew that he’d missed her more than he let on. Mikuo was pretty strong, and could still carry her around like a doll.
    “Miku! Stop daydreaming!”
    Her mother was starting to get annoyed. Miku slid out of bed, dressed quickly, and ran down the hall to the kitchen. Her father had probably already left for work, but she had no doubt that Mikuo was still hanging around. He’d promised to be there to drive Miku to Vocaloid Academy. Plus, he was a bit overprotective. He’d worried over Miku even more than her parents, if that was possible.
    Entering the kitchen, Miku noted that Mikuo was sitting there, his chair tipped back on two legs, leaning against the counter. He was sipping coffee, and looked totally content, if a little preoccupied. Meanwhile, Miku’s mother was doing what she always did when Mikuo visited- nagged him. Neither one noticed Miku’s entrance.
    “Honey, you have to apply yourself. While I’m sure Miku appreciates seeing you again, I don’t think that it’s wise to keep cutting class like this. Think of your grades!”
    Mikuo’s expression became frustrated. “Maybe I wasn’t thinking about my grades! So what?! Maybe I was thinking of Miku!” His eyes turned sad. “I never see her anymore.”
    His mother sighed as she sipped her coffee. “Mikuo, there’s no need to get angry. We all want what’s best for you. I know how much you miss Miku. But you’ll be able to meet more often, now. Vocaloid Academy is two blocks from your college.”
    Mikuo brightened. “Really? That’s GREAT!” Miku could’ve sworn that his laughter shook the building. “I’m sorry for getting angry. But some things are more important than classes.”
    He grinned. “Like my little sis! Hey, Miku! Good morning!”
    Miku smiled back. “Good morning to you too!”
    Their mother interrupted the two siblings with a cry of surprise. “Mikuo, Miku, I didn’t realize how late it was! You’ll have to eat in the car, darling! Hurry, you’ll be late!”
    With that, she shoved them out the door, handing Miku her suitcase, and a bagel. Mikuo grabbed the keys to his car, stood still for long enough to let their mother kiss them both goodbye. Miku slid into the shotgun seat as Mikuo casually leapt into the driver’s side.
    “Whattaya think, Miku? Like my new ride?” Mikuo sounded at ease. What had been troubling him before seemed to have been resolved.
    “It’s cool. Why did you look so preoccupied before?” Miku tried to sound as at ease as Mikuo had, but asking personal questions to him wasn’t easy. He’d brush off any cares like they were nothing in front of Miku, but hid how much they troubled him.
    “Hey, it’s honestly okay, kiddo. I was worried that your school was too far from my college. Mom and Dad won’t be around to help you with every single problem, so I need to know that someone’s gonna be able to help when you need it.” He laughed. “I was just about losing sleep on this. I worry about you, sis. This may sound totally corny, but a big brother has a lot of responsibilities. One of them is taking care of their little sibs. If I can’t do that, what can I do?”
    Miku smiled in relief. “You can keep being a jock who doesn’t study.”
    Mikuo pretended to look hurt. “You sound like Mom. Et tu, Miku?”
    “I’ll stop sounding like Mom when you start cramming, Mikuo Hatsune!”
    Miku’s brother looked resigned, and sounded melodramatic. “I’m doomed. Doomed to drown in study sessions! Miku, have mercy on your poor idiot brother!”
    Miku laughed helplessly. “Never! Not until you make Honor Roll!”
    Mikuo pretended to faint, then laughed along with his sister. “Like that’ll ever happen!”
    The two siblings continued their mock banter all the way to Vocaloid Academy. When they arrived, Mikuo gazed out the window and pretended to be surprised.
    “Well! It appears that we’re there! Miku, your school awaits!” He helped her out of the car, and mock bowed. “Farewell, my sister. I expect you to cause a riot with your angel voice. Goodbye, diva girl!”
    Miku smiled back at him. “I promise I’ll try!”
    She waved goodbye until Mikuo was out of sight. He had waved too, giving a little salute as well. Miku sighed happily. Being nearer to Mikuo was a blessing. Most girls hated their big brothers, but Mikuo was more like a best friend. He’d taught her to sing, and taken her out for karaoke when their parents were away. She had him to think for her love of music, and he was the reason she stood at the gates of one of the most prestigious schools for singing in the world. Somehow, it felt like she was doing this for Mikuo. His singing had been good, but not good enough for him to apply to a music school. In fact, he’d gone to a community college, just so their parents would have the money to send Miku to a school for music. Every bit of birthday cash he’d been given, he’d saved in Miku’s jar for college. When Miku had asked him why he did this, he’d simply smiled and ruffled her hair. The teenage girl began to tear up. Mikuo had gotten her here through sacrifice. The least she could do was make him proud.
    The secretary at the front desk hadn’t needed any urging to help after she’d heard Miku’s name. Apparently, word traveled fast. Anyone who was summoned to see the headmaster for a desirable reason was treated like a celebrity. As she ran up the stairs to Master’s study, Miku wondered what the mysterious man would be like. And she’d find out if the compliments were false. Arriving at a set of double doors, Miku knocked tentatively. A calm, if weak, voice sounded from within.
    “Come in, it’s unlocked.”
    Miku entered the room. Morning sunlight was streaming in through the windows, illuminating a vacant desk. Near the desk was a curtained-off area. The curtains were semi-transparent, so Miku could see the dim outline of a bed and a person sitting in it through them. The person spoke again, still weak, but with a brighter tone.
    “Miku Hatsune, I presume? Hang on, let me open this curtain.” With that, the curtain parted, revealing a young man perhaps a few years older than Mikuo. He had deep, caring brown eyes and long brown hair that fell down in a loose ponytail. The look on his face was a sad, apologetic little smile, as if to say I apologize for being weak and frail-looking. Please don’t judge me for it. Miku blinked and did her best to smile back. She’d always been optimistic, and her happy nature gave her a relatively good bedside manner. But in this case, she simply didn’t know what to say.
    “Um… Hi?” Clumsy, but it would have to do as an opening line.
    He laughed quietly. “Hello to you too, Miku.”
    Miku felt as though ten tons of iron beams had been lifted from her chest. “Thank you for inviting me here. I’m really excited to come to this school.”
    “Master” slid out of the bed he was lying in and walked over to Miku. “I believe in my email I promised to show you the grounds. Come along.” He strode out the double doors, grunting with effort as he pushed one aside. Miku followed hesitantly. Master turned to her as they walked out the door.
    “I’m sorry if this all a bit awkward. I just wanted to meet you. You see, Miku, you have a gift for singing. That audition tape was some of the most amazing music I’ve heard in a long time.”
    Puzzlement caused the young singer’s brow to furrow. “What do you mean? I thought that this was a prestigious music school. Haven’t you met lots of talented singers?”
    Master sighed heavily. “I never wanted to be the head of this school. My father left it to me in his will. Dad had a real passion for music, and he wanted me to feel the same way. But I never did. Music has never held any feelings for me. Until I heard you and your friends.”
    Miku looked at Master like he was some kind of space alien. “Friends? What?”
    Master’s eyes were filled with surprise. “You mean to say that you’ve never met any of the other initiates this year? You all come from this city, sing in a similar style, and you’ve never met?”
    Miku didn’t have time to reply to his question, because a calm female voice cut into their conversation.
    “Excuse me, but are you the man who calls himself ‘Master’?”
    The woman who had spoken looked about Miku’s age. She had long pink hair that fell to her waist, and calm, intelligent blue eyes. Her voice had a melodic quality, and Miku couldn’t help but wonder whether she was a student, too.
    Master looked even more confused. “You’re Luka Megurine. One of the initiates… But why are you here a day early?”
    Luka stroked her chin thoughtfully. “That email you sent wasn’t meant for me. I thought not. My name was spelled incorrectly, and my audition tape wasn’t that good. Now that I’m here, what shall I do?”
    Master looked at Luka. “I suppose you can accompany Miku and I.”
    Luka laughed. “So you’re Miku, then! Congratulations on getting accepted as well.”
    Miku nodded. “Thank you. Luka, right?”
    She nodded back in affirmative. “That’s me. It appears that we’ll be students together. Interesting. I look forward to it.”
    Master made a beckoning indication that Miku and Luka should follow, and they walked down the hall in silence. Occasionally, he would point out a particular classroom, and the two girls would be given a glimpse into a music recording studio or a disorganized science laboratory. Luka spoke little, but her presence offered Miku comfort. She seemed like the strong silent type, but there was something about her that was desperately longing for a friend. Anyway, Luka’s quiet companionship helped Miku forget the aching for her friends back home. She’d ignored it and put on a brave face for Mikuo, but now, it was really dawning on her what she was actually leaving. Teto was gone, all her other friends had gone to other schools. She was alone.
    Unbidden and unrealized, a tear spilled from Miku’s eye. It was followed by others, coming fast and silent, like ranks of ninja. Master was walking ahead, and he didn’t notice Miku’s sadness. Luka, on the other hand, detected it immediately.
    “Miku, you’re crying! What’s wrong?” Her voice was level and reasonable.
    At Luka’s question, Miku felt her knees weaken and she broke down truly sobbing. Master turned around, and seeing Miku’s tears, rushed to her side. He too asked what was wrong, but Miku could only sob in reply. She sat there for what felt like a long while, just crying, with Luka hugging her gently and Master’s hand patting her back.
    “Miku. Please tell us what’s wrong.”
    Miku shook her head, unable to speak. Her long hair hung around her face as she looked down towards the floor.
    “Miku.” Luka’s voice became more insistent. Miku felt Luka’s hand slip under her chin and slowly raise her face. The calm, placid girl gave Miku a sad smile. “We both care about you, even though we’ve just met. So I’ll ask you once more. Can you tell us what’s made you cry?”
    “It’s just that…” Miku’s voice broke, but she continued. “It’s that all my friends that I’d known back home have gone off to other schools across the country. I… I miss them. My best friend Teto…” The sobs began to permeate her words, but still, she spoke on. “She’s gone to a school all the way on the other side of the country!”
    Luka smiled, but without the melancholy undertone. “Shhhh… it’s alright. I know that you’ll miss them. I missed my friends when my parents pulled me out of public school to homeschool me. Then, we moved away from my old city. I was so lonely. I know how you feel, like you’ll never make another friend again. But life isn’t like that. You’ll find new friends here at this school, and keep in touch with the old ones. Moving on isn’t something to cry about. It’s something to accept, and thrive because of. You need to realize that leaving your friends isn’t an ending. Partings are never an ending. They’re a beginning of a new chapter. That new chapter is a blank page. You can write whatever you wish on it.”
    She laughed sadly. “When you feel like you can’t continue because somebody is gone, that’s not doing that person justice, now is it? They would want you to stay strong and move on. If your friends were here now, they wouldn’t want you to cry over them. They’d tell you to listen to me. You can’t sit here and cry forever, Miku. No one would want that. You can start over here. So be happy. There are tons of people out there whose lives you haven’t entered yet. Some of those people want to meet you. Don’t let them down now, when you’re standing ready to begin. I’ll be here for you. So get up. I know that it’s hard to pick yourself up when you feel alone, but it has to be done. Come on, Miku. Time to face the world again.”
    Miku stood up, wiping the shining tears from her face. Luka gave her an encouraging smile. She stood up, and smiled at Master and her newfound friend. “Thank you so much.”
    Master sighed heavily. “Why thank me? I did nothing. Hopeless, socially awkward guy that I am. Thank you for stepping in, Luka. Ever considered writing motivational speeches?”
    Luka laughed. “Actually, it’s a side job for me right now. My brother Luki is a relentless perfectionist, and can find fault in every little thing he does. When he has even the slightest minor setback, he acts as though he’s the most despicable human to ever walk the earth. I have to give him speeches like this, oh, shall we say, twice a day? I’ve told him that I need to develop a ‘Luka App’ for his smartphone so he can get motivational wisdom 24/7, but he won’t go for it.”
    Miku began to laugh along with Luka and Master. “Or you could have a little booth. Luka wisdom, only 100 yen a quote!”
    Luka laughed even harder. “Oh yes, that would be fun!”
    Master added in his two cents, making the girls laugh even harder. “Or better yet, you could dress in lab coats and introduce yourself as Luki Megurine’s personal psychiatrist!”
    The trio continued laughing, all sadness forgotten. Miku smiled, feeling truly happy and at ease for the first time since Teto going off to Utau University. She’d only known Luka for a short time, but Miku could tell that the two girls would be best friends.
    That evening, Miku and Luka were performing the time-honored task of inspecting their dorm room from top to bottom. Master had decided to have the two be roommates, since they seemed to be friends. So far, the dorm consisted of a bedroom with two stacks of bunk beds, a bathroom, a small kitchenette, and a sort of living room. The living room had a TV, something most students would naturally be attracted to, but it got very few channels. Also, stashed behind the couch were several candy wrappers and discarded pizza boxes.
    Sighing at the mess, Luka surveyed the trash they’d dug up. “I thought boys were supposed to be the chronic slobs who didn’t mind living in mountains of crap such as this.”
    Miku rolled her eyes. “We girls can be slobs, too. We just hide it well. I bet if we knocked out the walls in this place, there’d be pizza boxes and snack wrappers in there, too.”
    Luka laughed and pretended to be ashamed. “Oh dear, it appears that I’ve left my crowbar at home! Without it, we will be forced to live among the filth of our predecessors!”
    Miku cried out before she could stop herself. “True, but they’re our predecessors at Vocaloid Academy! Who cares about a few moldy pizzas?”
    Miku fell onto the couch, shoulders shaking with laughter. Luka flopped down beside her, unable to speak, breath coming in tiny gasps. Her laugh was deep and throaty, blending with Miku’s high-pitched one like soprano and alto voices in a chorus. They lay like that for a long time, laughing until their sides hurt. It was more than just mirth at this point. The laughter was a release of every pent of and fearful emotion of the wait to find out about being accepted. It was a cry to the setting sun. A joyful shout.
    Both girls sensed this feeling, even after their laughter died down.
    Luka, ever cutting to the heart of the matter, was the first to speak. “It’s just dawned on me. We’ve made it into one of the best singing schools in Japan. We really made it.”
    Miku continued. “My dream’s come true. Since I was a little kid, I always wanted to come here. I worked hard to get every scholarship I could. I practised my audition tape until I lost my voice. My brother Mikuo practically gave me half his allowance just to get here. This is what I’ve wanted to do since the first time he took me to a karaoke bar. Not to drink, of course.”
    Luka smiled. “I understand. We’re one step closer to the dreams we have of the future now. But all the same, I feel a little sad.”
    Again, Miku chipped in. “We’re leaving behind all our friends and families to go and learn to sing better. Who wouldn’t be sad?”
    “They’re still with us, though. We need to make them proud. For those who doubted this could happen, we can prove that they’re wrong.” Luka smiled. “And we will make it. I know it.”
    Miku sat up, the spell broken as she realized the time. “The sun’s setting. Master said he wanted to have dinner with us in the city. Wherever we want. C’mon, we’d better avoid the rush.”
    Nodding, Luka climbed up off the couch. “Quite right, Miku. We should go. Perhaps we should stock the fridge over here as well when we’re out.”
    Luka was right. The school served three meals a day, but if you wanted anything special or to pack your lunch, you had to make it yourself. Parents could send money in for groceries if desired. In turn, students could get a discount on anything they needed to purchase if they showed their student I.D. Showing the I.D also enabled the school to check what the students had purchased to make sure it wasn’t an objectionable substance.
    Outside Vocaloid Academy the evening air was crisp and cool. Autumn was coming, and summer was fading away. The chilly air supported the sad realization that summer vacation was over and school had just begun. For most children and teenagers, this is a time of ending. As for Miku and Luka, it was most definitely a beginning. The year at Vocaloid Academy stretched ahead of them like a wide open highway. And the next day, the journey would start.

    I'll post the following parts pending interest. Please let me know if you read it and liked it! I won't post more if it'll just be a waste of forum space with nobody reading it.
    *smiles evilly as only I can*

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    Re: Vocaloid Academy: A Vocaloid Fanfiction

    Hey, not bad. I got quite a few genuine chuckles out of that fic.
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    Re: Vocaloid Academy: A Vocaloid Fanfiction

    Thank you. The second part is progressively better. This thing is completely unedited. It hasn't even been READ by anyone else.
    I'll post part two if anyone else gets interested.
    Oh, and thanks, Asphoxia! Warning, part 2 is random. Veeeery random.
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    Re: Vocaloid Academy: A Vocaloid Fanfiction

    I think this is a pretty interesting concept.
    Don't expect anything to make sense. That way you'll be pleasantly surprised if it does.

    Image credit goes to minimii!
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    Re: Vocaloid Academy: A Vocaloid Fanfiction

    I think if part two is random, Asphoxia will LOVE it.
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    Re: Vocaloid Academy: A Vocaloid Fanfiction

    Quote Originally Posted by MisterM View Post
    I think if part two is random, Asphoxia will LOVE it.
    Don't expect anything to make sense. That way you'll be pleasantly surprised if it does.

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    Re: Vocaloid Academy: A Vocaloid Fanfiction

    Then I shall make the random happen. Here it is in all it's insane glory.
    Part 2: Lateness, a Samurai, Two Androids, and a Threat

    “Augh! I’m late!” Kaito Shion dashed down the street, pushing through the rush hour crowds and yelling frantic apologies over his shoulder. His blue hair fell around his face in unbrushed tangles, flying every which way as he sprinted at breakneck speed towards the train station. His eyes, a lighter shade of blue, were narrowed as he rushed to his destination.
    Being late to one’s first day at Vocaloid Academy wasn’t advisable. If you couldn’t stick to a simple schedule, how could you ever handle a singing career? Kaito had slept in after watching anime until midnight the evening before. Normally, since he was going to a private high school, his friends from middle school would have thrown him a goodbye party. That would have worked out, had Kaito been the popular type. He wasn’t bullied or targeted, but since he was shy, he didn’t really have many friends.
    Arriving at the train station, Kaito swiped his railcard and practically flew onto the platform. He’d made it; the train was just pulling in. He stepped through the doors, breathless from his run. Exhausted, he flopped into the nearest vacant seat and pulled out a manga. Just as the train was about to leave, a figure in a kimono dove through the closing doors, a sword in hand. Standing up, the figure brushed long purple hair from his face, revealing unusually bright blue eyes. Everyone in the car stared at him as though he’d just dropped from space.
    Walking over to Kaito, the mysterious man sat down next to him and glanced over his shoulder at the manga. “Is it good?”
    “What?” Kaito started, unsure what his new companion was talking about.
    “The manga! Is it good?”
    “Yeah. It’s my favorite. I’ve read it like a million times.” Manga was one of Kaito’s favorite subjects. You could get into a conversation about it with anyone.
    “It looks interesting. I want to read it.” He stretched out his hand, smiling expectantly.
    Kaito looked at him like he was from Mars. “I can’t just give it to you!”
    “Why not?! You’ve already read it! I swear upon my honor as bound by the bushido code that I will return your beloved manga intact, or be forever dishonored and unworthy of the title of samurai-” Man, he was persistent. Kaito had to give him that.
    “Fine. Go ahead. Just give it back once I have to get off!” Exasperated, Kaito turned away.
    “Ahem? You, with the blue hair? What is your name?” This guy was beginning to transcend persistence and cross into mulishness.
    “Kaito Shion. Can you just read the manga?” Kaito wanted to make friends, but not with someone as annoying as this guy.
    Kaito’s request was ignored, because he kept talking. “I am Gakupo Kamui, samurai and student at Vocaloid Academy! Your manga is most interesting, and I thank you.” He looked hopeful. “Buuuuut…. you wouldn’t happen to have any eggplants, would you? I’m hungry, and manga goes well with refreshments.”
    Kaito facepalmed in frustration. “No, I don’t have any stupid eggplants! Geez!”
    Gakupo sighed. “You don’t have any eggplants?”
    “None at all?”
    “No. I don’t have any eggplants.”
    “Do you even like eggplants?”
    “They’re okay, but I prefer ice cream.”
    “Eggplant ice cream?”
    Kaito laughed. “You’re not going to leave me alone until I get you an eggplant, are you?”
    Gakupo smiled cheerfully. “No!”
    “Since I’m obviously not going to get any peace, I might as well tell you. We’re going to the same school. I’m also a Vocaloid Academy student. I just hope that it’ll be different from my last school.”
    Brow furrowing in concern, Kamui looked up from his manga. “Mm?”
    “I didn’t really have too many friends. Guess I was kind of a geek.”
    “Well, I’m your friend! You gave me a manga, and that made me happy. So we’re friends! But before our friendship commences, you will need to give me your money, so I can buy an eggplant.” Kaito searched Gakupo’s face for some sign that he was joking, but none were found. He looked completely serious.
    “Okay. Friends, huh?”
    “Yes! Now, about that eggplant…”
    “Oh, sure. Just wait until we get off the train, and I’ll get your eggplant.” Satisfied, Gakupo turned back to the manga. Kaito found himself smiling. Gakupo might be a little strange, but he seemed okay. There’s the eggplant fixation, but aside from that, he’s not bad company, Kaito thought. The train continued on towards the setting of this particular adventure- Vocaloid Academy.
    Once arriving at their stop, Kaito and Gakupo exited the train together. Out of the corner of his eye, Kaito noticed that another boy was following. Like them, he was carrying a suitcase, and looked a bit lost. The boy had white hair, and his features were soft and feminine. He looked as though he was searching for someone.
    “Hello? Are you lost, or are you trying to find someone?” Kaito turned around to look at the boy. He started at being spoken to.
    “Yes. I’m looking for YOHIOloid.” His voice was filled with conviction.
    Gakupo spun around as well, noticing the boy. He looked perplexed at the latter’s statement. “Yu-gi-oh? Who is this yu-gi-oh you speak of?”
    “Not yu-gi-oh, YOHIO. Do you know who he is? He said he’d meet me here, but he’s late, I guess. My name is Piko. Piko Utatane.” He smiled shyly. “YOHIOloid is my best friend. We’re both going to Vocaloid Academy for high school.”
    “That’s where we’re going, too. Let’s wait for your friend, Piko. We’re not as late as I thought. It’s nice to meet you, by the way. My name is Kaito Shion.” The experience with Gakupo on the train had bolstered Kaito’s social confidence. He’d never really have spoken to Piko before today, simply out of standoffishness.
    “And I am Gakupo Kamui! Some call me the Dancing Samurai, others call me crazy, and still others shout swear words at me as I chase their cats! It is a great pleasure to meet you!” Gakupo punched the air enthusiastically. “This makes two companions on the battlefield! We shall be the greatest warriors in Japan! Or we will be,” Gakupo winked conspiratorially, draping an arm over Kaito’s shoulder, “once Kaito here buys me an eggplant!”
    Piko cocked his head, and pursed his lips, lost in thought. After a few moments, he looked back at Gakupo and Kaito. When he spoke, his voice had a robotic quality, flat and emotionless. “Does not compute.”
    Gakupo and Kaito exchanged looks of confusion. Gakupo managed to vocalize this confusion, unlike Kaito, who seemed speechless. “What do you mean? Eggplants are a symbol of friendship and hospitality, are they not?”
    “I think that’s pineapples, Gakupo,” Kaito said, still looking shocked.
    Piko blinked slowly. “Whoa, your bizarre eggplant comment almost overloaded my system. Don’t say random stuff like that again, Gakupo. I think you fried a circuit.” When Kaito and Gakupo still looked perplexed, Piko sighed. “I guess I’ll have to tell you, then. I’m an android. No part of me is actually organic. I was programmed to do one thing, be a body double for my creator, who I’ve never met. But I somehow developed a programming glitch that gave me a personality of my own, and singing ability. My first memories were of being left, systems almost destroyed, on the steps of my ‘family’s’ house. Go ahead. Freak out.” He sighed again, looking defeated. “I just want to make friends. But people think I’m creepy because I’m an android. And when they don’t know about that, I get laughed at and called ‘transgender’ and ‘shota boy’.”
    Kaito shook his head, clearing it. “I honestly don’t mind about you being an android. You act human enough. Plus, I’m not exactly popular either. Also, I’m friends with an eggplant-a-holic samurai, so why not an android?” He grinned. “I have to go buy Gakupo his eggplant, or he’ll never leave me alone. Will your friend be long?”
    Before Piko could answer, Gakupo grabbed beneath the smaller boy’s arms and lifted him up so that he was at eye level. His voice was serious and his brows were knit in determination. “I also do not care if you are an android! As Kaito said, you seem human, and that’s good enough for me! I will fight by your side, fellow samurai, and defend your name upon pain of death!”
    Piko smiled, and there were tears in his eyes. “Thank you! Just try not to make too many random or cryptic comments. My processing systems aren’t really meant to understand social interaction.”
    “Right! No cryptic or random things!” Gakupo saluted enthusiastically, and almost knocked himself out.
    Kaito laughed. “Shall I go get that eggplant? I think I see a farmer’s market over there.”
    Gakupo nodded, again with overly excessive enthusiasm. “Yes! Can I pick it out?”
    Piko looked just as excited as Gakupo. “My ‘family’ didn’t allow me to leave the house much, since they were worried my secret would be discovered! I’ve never seen a real farmer’s market or a fresh eggplant before!”
    They walked towards the farmer’s market, Gakupo and Piko running ahead. Kaito stood a moment watching them, then ran after his newfound friends. They may not really be normal, but they’re someone, Kaito thought to himself. Plus, they’re pretty funny. I guess this is what it’s like to have friends. If so, it’s pretty great. Eggplant fixation notwithstanding.
    Gakupo stared at the eggplants for around forty minutes just trying to see which one was the shiniest and most purple. Plus, he had to take into account size and whether or not it was perfectly shaped. Piko stared at them, too. Kaito was almost positive that the little android was about to go into a coma of excitement, and Gakupo would be right behind him. Five minutes into the deep eggplant scrutiny, Kaito decided to go get some ice cream. When he returned, the stall owner was getting impatient with Gakupo. Together, Piko and Kaito managed to dissuade the irate samurai from drawing his sword and dealing justice.
    Once Gakupo was appeased and selected an eggplant without further disturbances, and Kaito argued with the stall owner over whether it was right to overcharge him because Gakupo had violently threatened him, the three students became aware of a tall figure roaming the crowds. He had one hand shading his eyes, and his eyes were sweeping the marketplace. The man had wild, shaggy platinum blonde hair and crimson eyes. There was something about his face that reminded Kaito of a wolf.
    Noticing the figure, Piko’s eyes lit up in recognition and relief. “YOHIOloid! You’re really late! I thought you weren’t coming! Guess what? I made friends, and their names are Gakupo and Kaito!” The wolfish teenager’s eyes widened as Piko ran towards him, and his face split into a grin, showing sharp canines.
    “Hi there, Piko! I am late, but something came up. Sorry. You made some friends, huh? That’s good.” He leaned in close to Piko, speaking in a harsh whisper. “Do they know what we are? Will they still accept you if they do?”
    Piko gave a barely perceptible nod. “They know about me. I think they may have guessed by now what you are. It’s okay. They’re cool with it.”
    YOHIOloid clenched his jaw, brow furrowed. He reminded Kaito of a wolf more than ever. Suddenly, his features softened. “If you say so, Piko.” Turning to Kaito and Gakupo, he threw them the same wolfish grin as before. “As you’ve probably guessed, I’m, well, another android. Just call me Yohio. You’re Gakupo and Kaito, correct?”
    Gakupo spoke first, eye narrowed. “Will a random comment about eggplants overload your systems like Piko’s?”
    YOHIOloid backed away, looking worried. “My systems are a bit more advanced than Piko’s, but let’s not test your theory, ‘kay?”
    Gakupo’s mischievous look faded as he was rebuked. He sat down on a nearby park bench and proceeded to ignore them with overdramatized theatrics. Kaito stepped forward, extending his hand. “I’m Kaito Shion. It’s nice to meet you. I’m sorry about Gakupo. He’s a little… strange.”
    “That’s an understatement,” YOHIOloid muttered to himself.
    Breaking the silence that followed, Kaito addressed the entire group. “I think we should go, or we’ll be late. I heard that registration takes a while.”
    Yohio and Piko nodded assent, and Gakupo returned from his sojourn on the park bench. The four boys walked off in the direction of Vocaloid Academy. If event had played out differently, each of those four would be alone as they faced the thought of a new school. It certainly is funny how these things happen.
    The Vocaloid Academy registration line was longer than all the lines at a major amusement park combined. Needless to say, Miku and Luka were glad they weren’t in that line. The two girls had registered the day before, since they’d had time to, and the registration line was said to be a nightmare. Apparently, the rumors were true. Prospective students were practically stretching around the entire block. Looking out from her dorm room, Miku idly watched the registration taking place. Jaded, she was barely paying attention. The window was open, as it was a warm day. It seemed that yesterday’s autumnal weather had disappeared, like an actor making their entrance too early, mistaking their cue. Now, it was as if summer had just begun. The air was hot, but every so often, a welcome breeze would waft in through the window. Through that small opening of that window, Miku could hear the initiates chatting to each other about whatever came into their minds. The two initiates at the front of the line piqued her curiosity. They both had blonde hair and blue eyes. The girl was standing tall, and looked assertive. She was smiling excitedly, and bouncing up and down on the heels of her feet. The boy, presumably her brother, was looking shy and quiet, with his hands behind his back and eyes downcast.
    “Student names?” The bored voice of the security guard that was handing out IDs could be heard by Miku easily, due to the mic she was speaking into.
    “Rin Kagamine and Len Kagamine!” The girl, Rin, spoke for both of them, and extended her hand for the IDs. The guard handed them over without another word. As Rin and Len walked away, Miku noticed Len slip his hand into his sister’s. Rin didn’t protest, and the two walked in silence towards the dorms. Miku stroked one of her twintails in thought. The name Kagamine sounded somewhat familiar, but she couldn’t place it.
    Luka stepped out of the kitchenette, holding a can of iced tea. She had her pink hair tied back in a high ponytail, presumably to keep it out of her face, and was carrying a laptop.
    “Miku, I couldn’t help but notice that Master mentioned that certain initiates this year sounded rather similar. I assume that you and I were two of them, but the others… who do you suppose they are?”
    Miku remembered Master’s comment from the previous day about the other initiates. That had seemed odd. She didn’t have time to answer Luka, because somebody knocked on the door of the dorm room. It was a quiet rap, not too insistent, but still persuasive.
    Walking over to the door, Miku pulled it open. Whoever had knocked was gone now. All they’d left to assure that they had in fact been present at all was a note. Written on the Academy stationary found in all the dorm rooms, it couldn’t be traced. In fact, it’s only real distinguishing feature was it’s flamboyant, slightly flowery style and the blood-red pen it was written in.
    The message was even less traceable. Stay away from Master, the vocal program, and the Diva title. Don’t try to trace me. Or else.
    Miku stared at the note, feeling as though it’s dark message was burning her hands. Who would send something like this? And what did “or else” imply in this case?
    “Miku?” She hadn’t noticed Luka come over until her roommate was staring over her shoulder. Miku frantically tried to cover up the note, but Luka grabbed in and read the contents quickly. Miku could see her eyes darting up and down as she read.
    “Do you have any idea who could possibly have sent this?” Her voice was level, not scared or angry.
    “N-no.” Miku’s voice wavered. This was scary. Already, someone at the school wanted her to go down. Already, someone was angry. She was afraid. Who wouldn’t be? “Should we tell Master? I know the note said to stay away from him, but still…”
    Luka nodded. “Yes, go tell him. If I were Master, I’d want to know about this. Maybe he knows who sent it. The ‘stay away from Master’ bit certainly implies some sort of relationship between him and the sender, who may have a jealous nature. I can’t come along; I have some… business to conduct.” With that, Luka went back to her laptop, indicating that the subject was dropped. Miku wanted to ask what her friend was using the computer for, but the look in Luka’s eyes warned her against it.
    As Miku set off for Master’s office, she reflected on what Luka could possibly be doing. She’d been messing with that laptop all day long. During this work session, Luka hadn’t exactly shunned Miku, but artfully managed to let conversations peter off and initiate awkward silences that discouraged Miku’s attempts to distract her. Whatever Luka was doing, she wasn’t leaving telltale traces, either. When Miku had checked Luka’s computer when her roommate went to get some iced tea, she found all windows closed, applications quit, and the browsing history cleared. Apparently, Luka knew how to cover her tracks.
    Master was speaking with someone when Miku arrived. The door to the office was closed, and the thick wood made it virtually soundproof. The secretary who had let Miku in the day before was working at her desk. Noticing Miku, she sounded happy and upbeat as she spoke.
    “Here to see the headmaster, dear? He’ll be happy to see you no doubt. Poor boy, being forced to do a man’s job. It will be nice if he has a friend to help shoulder that burden.”
    Miku nodded. She wasn’t sure how Master would feel about the boy doing a man’s work comment. He looked like he really tried, and that should’ve earned him respect, not pity! The secretary seemed oblivious to the naturally blatant insult. She stood up from her desk and walked inside the office, presumably to announce Miku. Noticing the door standing open, Miku followed. The secretary didn’t notice, or if she did, she didn’t protest. Master was talking with a man, probably a teacher. Master looked angry, his cheeks flushing pink and eyes burning. He looked like he was either on the verge of losing his temper, or bursting into tears. The teacher seemed calmer, but only just. He too, looked pushed to the breaking point, but just with anger. There were no tears in his eyes.
    “Your father promised me that post once I felt I was ready! You had no right to hire Lyrica! That woman is a slave driver!” The teacher’s voice was filled with unbridled frustration.
    “And my father is dead, Kiyoteru! Whatever he may have promised you died with him! Coming here like this… God, you must have some nerve. I can’t allow this. Since you’re a friend of my father’s, I can give you the only open post I have. That’s all I’m willing to do for you. If you wanted this post, you should have taken it instead of running off to start a band!” Master’s voice was so cold, Miku could almost feel it freezing the room. It was a snowstorm, with Kiyoteru trying to fight his way through, and Master standing on the other side.
    Kiyoteru still had underlying tones of rebellion in his voice. “I’ll take the position. And I will work under you. But you are nothing like your father, and you will never be half the man he was.” With that, he swept out of the room, but not before tossing a quick apology over his shoulder at Miku.
    “Ugh, that Kiyoteru Hiyama just drives me crazy,” Master moaned from behind his curtain. Now that the fight was over, he seemed to be weakened and worn. “Miku, is that you?”
    “Yes.” It was really all Miku could manage. She felt a slight change in her opinion of Master, now that she had seen his interaction with Mr. Hiyama, and it wasn’t a favorable change.
    “Are you all right? What is it?” Master sounded more like he had the previous day now, and Miku relaxed. People arguing was really quite normal, and one little fight didn’t usually change one’s opinion of another, especially if they were but a spectator.
    “It’s… well, I received this note.” Miku winced as she held it out to him. His reaction wasn’t going to be favorable. Master didn’t disappoint. He scanned the short note, his eyes burning more and more with each word. “Who wrote this?! Who sent you this horrible thing?!”
    Miku sighed. “I don’t know. And I have no suspects in particular. It’s just… I don’t know who would have given me this! I’ve never hurt anyone!”
    Miku couldn’t see through his curtain, but she could tell that Master had his head in his hands. “I’m sorry this had to happen. I’ll do my best to find whoever it was, and you won’t be bothered again. If you get anything else like this, let me know.”
    With that, he rolled over on his side and started coughing. Miku had gotten a faint impression that he was sick the day before, but today, he seemed worse. Quietly letting herself out, she walked off down the hall, pondering Master’s words. He would be able to find who’d done this, and he didn’t seem like the type to give up on others. She sighed. But how? He was weak, she knew, but how weak? Could it be possible that he was going to-?
    “Hey, you. Girl with the twintails.” Miku was surprised at the calm, mature-sounding voice. It reminded her of Luka’s but not as husky, and more confident.
    She turned around and saw a girl dressed in red. She was taller than Miku, and looked older, too. Her brunette hair was cropped short, and her eyes were a deep shade of brown. She looked as though she was about to impart some great secret. When she spoke again, her voice sounded more grown up than Luka’s, and a bit higher pitched.
    “If you’re having trouble with somebody at the school, come to the second year recording studio C. Nobody uses it, except my… colleagues and I. We can find out stuff that Master couldn’t see if it was right in front of his face. I would recommend coming to us if this gets too out of hand.” With that, the mysterious girl raised a hand in farewell, then strode off. Miku, realizing that she had been standing silent the whole time, was suddenly galvanized into action.
    “Wait! Who are you? How do you know about the note?”
    The girl turned around, laughing. “I’m Meiko, a second-year student. As for the note, let’s just say I have my ways. I know you’ll show up at the recording studio sometime. Talent and favoritism from Master leads to trouble. And a little bird told me that you have both. Well, until you need saving, Hatsune.” She turned again to go and walked off down the hall. Miku felt even more confused than ever. Who was this Meiko, and how did she suddenly know so much about Miku? And the way she’d shown up just as Miku was in trouble was simply uncanny. There was no way she could have known about the note. Unless…
    Miku gasped. Her mysterious note had been written in red ink, and Meiko was dressed in red. If that was her favorite color, then she would probably have most everything she owned in that color. Including pens. Perhaps Meiko could have written the note! Suddenly, fear began to settle in the pit of Miku’s stomach. Her heartbeat sped up with the sudden rush of fear. Miku Hatsune wasted no time. She sprinted off down the hall towards the dorm. Suddenly with Meiko and the threatening note, she didn’t want to be alone. Luka might be able to shine some light on the whole mess.
    Kaito, Piko, Yohio, and Gakupo had been successfully registered, and were searching for their dorms. At the moment, Gakupo, Piko, and Yohio were arguing over the map of campus. The debate was getting heated, Kaito noted. You could always tell when a situation was reaching its climax when Gakupo pulled out his sword.
    “Give me the map! I, as a great and renowned samurai, outrank you all!”
    “No, give it to me! You just have human brains, I have advanced data processing systems and GPS! If we give it to Samurai Idiot, we’ll be lost forever!”
    “My systems are more advanced than yours, Piko!”
    “Samurai IDIOT?! This is the last straw, android!”
    “Oh, stick your katana in it, Gakupo! No one wants to hear you blabbing on!”
    “The only place Iwill stick my katana is though your heart, YOHIOloid!”
    Kaito was only half listening. Soemthing else had caught his attention. And that something was a girl running around the corner at breakneck speed- right towards him. The collision sent them both tumbling to the ground. The girl was on top of him, eyes shut in surprise, and long blue-green twin-tails streaming out behind her. They seemed to be suspened in midair for a moment. Then, reality checked in and they crashed to the floor in a tangle of limbs.
    “I’m so sorry! I honestly didn’t see you there!” The girl sounded flustered and embarrassed. “I should have watched where I was going.”
    Kaito laughed. “It’s fine. I know what it’s like to be so absorbed with a problem that you can’t think straight. Then, reality decides to give you a little shove.”
    The girl stood up, smoothing down her pleated skirt. “My name’s Miku Hatsune. I’m a first-year, just like you guys. Are you looking for the boys’ dormitories?”
    “Yeah. My friends don’t really ‘get’ the map.” Kaito threw a glance over at Gakupo, Yohio, and Piko, who were all engaged in a heated debate about whether or not the map was written in code. Gakupo was waving the paper in the air emphatically, as Yohio and Piko were attempting to get it back.
    Miku noticed and stifled a laugh. “The dorms are over there. I have to go now.” She ran off. Kaito looked at her twin-tails streaming out like tassels on the handlebars of a bike as she dashed away. “Wait! Miku!”
    She turned around. Her voice was still happy, but with undertones of impatience and what sounded a bit like fear. “What is it?”
    Kaito blushed, staring down at his feet. He just wasn’t good with talking to girls. “I… I just wanted to tell you… my name’s Kaito. Kaito Shion. I guess you should know it… if we ever, y’know, meet up again.”
    The girl nodded, then dashed off. Her running away reminded Kaito of a rabbit scampering back to it’s warren. Scared, and running back to safe seclusion. But what was this twin-tailed blue green rabbit running from?
    “Kaito! Come on! She said they were this way!” Piko, Yohio, and Gakupo were walking off towards the dorms already. Kaito took one last glance in the direction Miku had taken. She was already gone. Having nothing else to do, he followed the others.
    Miku arrived back at her room relatively quickly due to the running speed at which she’d traveled. Once there, she was surprised to see Luka sitting out in the hallway with her laptop. The latter looked calm, but also rather put out.
    “Miku. Have you talked to Master?” She didn’t even look up from her laptop.
    Miku nodded. “Yes… why are you out in the hallway?”
    Just then, a girl with short blonde hair and blue eyes stuck her head around the doorframe. Miku recognized her as Rin Kagamine, the girl from the registration line.
    “Lukaaaa! You don’t have any kale! I need it for my power smoothie!” She looked miffed. “How am I supposed to get energy to be awesome without a full power smoothie?!”
    Luka rolled her eyes. “Perhaps you could try to substitute something in for the kale. I can’t run out and get kale just for you to make a disgusting concoction that supposedly gives you energy.”
    Rin stamped her foot impatiently. “No! There needs to be kale! My smoothie needs to have proportionate amounts of kale, peanut butter, acai, banana, milk, cold frappes, energy drinks, caffienated tea, dark chocolate, Nutella, and eggs in order to work properly! It’s energy food, Luka. You wouldn’t understand.”
    Miku cut in. “Ummm, Luka? What’s this energy junkie doing in our room?”
    Rin answered before Luka could open her mouth. “I’m one of your roommates!” She stuck out a hand, smiling. “Rin Kagamine. What’s yours?”
    “Miku Hatsune. I see you’ve met Luka.” Miku smiled, unsure what else to do. The more people she met at Vocaloid Academy, the more perplexed she became.
    Suddenly, Miku felt herself being knocked to the ground from behind. Her knees slid across the carpeted hallway floor painfully, rug burned. The person on her back wasn’t showing any sign of getting off. They had dug their heels in and was currently in the midst of punching her. Miku closed her eyes, crying out in pain. Almost immediately after her cry, the pain subsided. She rolled over to see Luka leaning over her, laptop cast aside and conern apparent in her eyes. Further down the hall, Rin was fighting with another blonde girl. The newcomer was taller than Rin, but then again, most everyone was. She had a long ponytail and fierce golden eyes. Miku gave a cry of recognition at the sight of the girl’s face.
    Luka looked at her quizzically. “You know her?!”
    Neru glared at Miku. “What the hell are you doing here, Hatsune?”
    Rin kicked Neru in the shin. “Don’t speak to Miku-chan like that, or I’ll rough you up!”
    “I’m a student, same as you! Why’d you attack me?” Miku stood up a little unsteadily. Luka immediately supported her, throwing Neru a frosty glare.
    “You know why I attacked you, Hatsune! Don’t you remember?! You tried to kill me!”
    Luka and Rin flinched in surprise, but Miku just sighed. “For the millionth time, it wasn’t me who replaced your usual sunbutter and jelly sandwich with peanut butter and Nutella.”
    Neru glared back at Miku, fire in her eyes. “A likely story! You knew I was allergic! I was in the hospital because of that little prank!”
    Luka stepped in, raising her hands in a gesture of neutrality. “How long ago was this?”
    “First grade,” chorused Miku and Neru in unison. Rin looked at them for a moment, then cracked up.
    “You’ve had a grudge against her since first grade over nut allergies?!”
    Neru nodded, and her voice turned defensive. “They’re severe, okay?” She took a deep breath, and when she spoke again, she was almost calm. “Neru Akita. I’m one of your roommates, apparently. I already know Hatsune, but who are you two?” Here, she pointed to Luka and Rin.
    “Luka Megurine. A pleasure to make your acquaintance.” She nodded in greeting.
    “And I’m Rin Kagamine!!!! Want some of my power smoothie?!” She shoved the blender in Neru’s face. Neru backed up, face reddening. Her breaths became short and desperate.
    Rin stroked her chin in thought. “Oh yeah, I put like a gallon of peanut butter in that.”
    Suddenly, a steak of pale gray shot past Miku and Luka to Neru’s side. The mysterious blur stabbed something that Miku recognized as an Epipen into Neru’s leg. Once it stopped it’s rushing movement, the blur took the form of a tall girl with gray-white hair and crimson eyes. She wasn’t even panting from running at top speed. Neru seemed to recognize her, and managed to gasp out a few words in greeting.
    “H-hey… Haku…”
    The other girl, Haku stood up. When she spoke, her voice was quiet and underconfidant, definitely not what any of the girls were expecting. “H-h-hello, Neru.”
    Miku, Luka, and Rin rushed over to Neru. Miku spoke first. “Are you all right?!”
    Neru nodded, then took a deep breath before speaking. “Good thing I didn’t actually drink any, otherwise, this would have been a lot worse.”
    Luka laughed dryly. “If the nuts didn’t kill you, the taste certainly would’ve. God, Rin, if you’re going to make a smoothie, at least make it so it’s drinkable!”
    Rin smirked. “I can drink it just fine, Luka-chan! Then again, I’m just totally hardcore!”
    “And probably a caffiene-boosted insomniac,” muttered Neru under her breath.
    Haku helped Neru up, quiet voice filling with fear. “I’m so sorry to bother you after you’ve almost had a reaction, but I really need your help. It’s my brother, Dell. He’s in trouble!”
    The more characters I introduce in this fic, the more confused I become. Also, I just realized that the official document of this thing has more pages than my novel-in-progress. I think I may need to get my priorities straight. Also, part three will not be up for some time. I need to actually FINISH it. That is, if anyone's still interested after all this.
    *smiles evilly as only I can*

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    Re: Vocaloid Academy: A Vocaloid Fanfiction

    Very interesting. I shall look forward to the next part.
    Don't expect anything to make sense. That way you'll be pleasantly surprised if it does.

    Image credit goes to minimii!
    Narratorverse hype!

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    Re: Vocaloid Academy: A Vocaloid Fanfiction

    This fic is back from the dead!

    Part 3: Dell-inquent

    The fight had begun pretty suddenly. Len Kagamine barely had any time to get out of the way before the two combatants started to go at it. As it was, he still got a stray punch to the face. The boy who had initiated the fight was tall and wolfish with wild hair and even wilder eyes. His enemy was another boy, but with gray-white hair and red eyes. As it stood, the former was losing. His opponent barely even had to try, dodging his attacks with simple sidesteps. Through this, he seemed to be taking great pleasure in a pastime that Len found rather foolish in the situation- egging the wolfish one on.
    “I know you can hit better than that! Come on, actually land a punch this time!”
    “Just shut it, pansy! Call my friend a shota again and you’re dead,” his opponent growled through his teeth as he lunged. Len quickly backed away, narrowly avoided getting hit again. These two are supposed to kill each other, not me! Neither had noticed him when he got punched in the face, and they certainly weren’t paying attention now.
    Len backed up quickly to avoid the next volley of attacks and crashed into someone standing behind him. It was a boy who looked about his age with white hair and green eyes. Len quickly started to apologize, but ended up ducking to avoid another stray punch.
    “Sorry! Din’t see you there!”
    “Don’t mention it,” the other boy sighed. “Those two are crazy. The gray haired one called me a shota, so YOHIOloid went insane. Funny how this always happens.”
    “Shota, huh? Man, do I know that insult,” Len muttered cynically. “It seems to follow me everywhere. And when they’re not calling me shota, they’re acting like I’m a little kid.”
    The other boy looked surprised. “You get called shota, too?”
    “Oh, all the time. Don’t worry, I’m used to it,” Len added quickly.
    “Me too! My name’s Piko Utatane. What’s yours?”
    “Len Kagamine. It’s nice to meet a fellow so-called shota.”
    Piko laughed, then glanced over at the fight. “At least he’s not landing any punches. If he did, that other guy would be done for.”
    As if on cue, one of YOHIOloid’s attacks hit it’s mark. The other boy cried out in pain as the punch connected with his ribs. Gasping, he looked up. “What are you made of, iron?”
    Piko cracked up. Len threw him a confused look. “What’s so funny, Piko?”
    “It’s because we’re androids. Him and I.” Len’s eyes widened in surprise at Piko’s nonchalant statement. “Androids? Like, real life metal people? You’re pulling my leg!”
    “No, I’m not. It’s true. Want me to open my control panel and prove it?” Piko looked innocent. “Although, I’d need to take off all my clothes to get to it. That’s probably a bad idea, since I’m told that public nudity is frowned upon in modern society.”
    “N-no, I believe you. Please keep your clothes on,” Len interjected quickly as Piko made as if to remove his shirt. “No need for indecent exposure charges, right?”
    YOHIOloid gave his opponent a swift kick in the ribs. In response, the other boy groaned and lay still. He looked bruised and battered. Piko gestured to YOHIOloid.
    “I think this is my exit cue. Hope to see you soon, Len!”
    With that, he ran off after his friend. As the two androids exited, five girls burst onto the scene. Len recognized only one of them- Rin, his sister. The others were a motley- and colorful- bunch. One had long blue-green twin-tails and blue eyes, another was a blonde with a ponytail and golden eyes, the third had white-gray hair and crimson eyes, and the final one was pink haired and blue eyed. The white-gray haired one gave a cry of fear and knelt down by the fallen boy.
    “Dell! Dell, say something!”
    The boy, Dell, stirred and swore violently. The girl fawning over him burst into tears and hugged him to her chest. “Dell, please wake up!”
    Rin dashed over to Len, bouncing on her heels. “Hey, bro-han! What’s up?” Judging by the near-mad glint in her eyes and the bouncing, Len knew that his sister had just chugged one of her disgusting power smoothies.
    “Nothing much. What’s going on here, exactly?”
    Rin laughed. “Just my totally awesome roomies going insane. The blue one is Miku, the pink one’s Luka, the P.O’d golden one is Neru, and I think the grayish white one said her name was Haku. They’re cool, bro. Although, I think I almost killed Neru with one of my power smoothies.” She sighed. “Some people just can’t take the hardcoreness.”
    “I haven’t been to my room yet. They had to reassign me to a different building because the original one was full of seniors,” Len commented nonchalantly, then shivered. “Girl seniors!”
    Rin didn’t get time to answer, because Dell broke in. He was fully awake now, and standing up. Haku was supporting him, worry filling her eyes with tears.
    “Len, right? I think we’re in the same room.” He stuck out a hand, face betraying no emotion but jaded seriousness. “Dell Honne.”
    Len shook his hand, nodding. “Yeah, that’s me. Room 224. Nice to meet you.”
    Dell responded by turning his back on him. “Mm. Just don’t bother me and I won’t bother you, got it? I can’t have you expecting me to entertain you or any of that crap.”
    Haku sighed sadly. “Dell-”
    He pulled away from her. “Don’t you dare start preaching, Haku! I’ve got my own agenda at this stupid school. Just focus on living your own messed up life instead of screwing with mine even more than everyone else already has.”
    Haku’s eyes filled with tears and she ran off. Neru followed her, throwing a glare over her shoulder at Dell as she passed him. Luka looked up from her now-ever-present laptop as they left. She called out to Dell without emotion in her voice.
    “I suggest you report to your dorm room, Mr. Honne. You’ve done quite enough damage out here for one day.”
    Dell scowled at her and stalked off. Seeing no other option, Len muttered a quick goodbye to Rin and followed him. He honestly wasn’t sure what to think of Dell. All he knew was there was something about him that he didn’t like.
    Miku watched them go, then turned to Luka. “I’m a little worried about Haku. Dell seems to hate her guts, but she really cares about him. I’m not sure Dell’s a good person to be that devoted to, even as a sibling.”
    Luka nodded in agreement. “Amen. Dell does seem like trouble, doesn’t he?”
    “If he comes anywhere near my roomies, I’ll introduce him to my little friends, Treble and Bass,” Rin spat coldly, raising her fists into a fighting stance. Luka and Miku looked at her for a moment, then both burst out laughing.
    Rin’s expression was injured. “Don’t laugh at Treble and Bass! I think it’s cool! Way better than the stupid ‘thunder and lightning’ crap everybody uses! You guys just don’t appreciate sophisticated humor!”
    “That wasn’t sophisticated!” Miku exploded into another fit of giggling. “That was cheesy at best! But not sophistcated. Never sophisticated.”
    Rin pouted and strode off back towards the dorm. “Let’s go inside. I need a happiness smoothie right now.”
    Luka pursed her lips in confusion. “You regulate your emotions with smoothies?”
    “Yes,” Rin replied, annoyed. “Doesn’t everyone?”
    “No,” chorused Miku and Luka. Rin stared at them in disbelief.
    “You guys sure are weirdos.”
    With that, they walked off towards the dorm room. Rin’s teeth were gritted, and her fists were clenched. Miku noticed, and pointed it out.
    “Rin? You okay?”
    “It’s that jerk-off Dell,” the smaller girl muttered through her teeth, “My little brother’s rooming with him. Len can’t really defend himself all that well. Man, I’d love to introduce Dell-inquent to Treble and Bass.”
    “I think that might be a bad idea,” Miku ventured. “He’s way bigger than you for starters. I don’t think you could take him.”
    Rin threw back her head, laughing loudly. “There’s no way he’d beat me! I’m too hardcore! Besides, his little dodging technique won’t work on me. I’m way faster than he is!”
    “It’s definitely a bad idea.” Haku was sitting on the hallway floor, eyes still teary. “Dell seems to be just fine with your brother. I think they might actually end up getting along. You don’t want to provoke him without reason.”
    Rin nodded grudgingly. “Okay, but I’d still like to sock him one.”
    Meanwhile, Len was unpacking his bags in he and Dell’s room. The latter seemed to be intent on doing the same. Len noted that he winced in pain every time he moved. I suppose that’s what comes of getting kicked in the ribcage by an android, he thought. Outside, his roomate had shrugged the injury off like it was nothing, but now he seemed to be in obvious pain.
    Len glanced over at Dell. “You okay?”
    “Mm’fine.” Dell grunted, flopping onto the bed. “Just hurts. It’s nothing I can’t handle.”
    Len sat down on the side of the bed. “Are you sure? I could help you down to the nurse’s office if you need it.”
    “Don’t bother. I don’t need help.” Dell’s voice suddenly turned defensive. “I’m okay, alright?! Why can’t you just leave me alone you annoying little-” He sighed abruptly. “Never mind. Sorry.”
    Len took one look at Dell’s face and wisely decided to change to subject. “So… you and Haku are siblings, huh? My sister Rin’s rooming with her.”
    “Yeah, she’s my sister. Rin’s the short, crazy one, right?”
    Len found himself laughing. “Sounds like Rin. What’s Haku like?”
    Dell’s eyes softened, but not much. In fact, most people wouldn’t notice the subtle change. Len wasn’t most people. He was used to dealing with people like Dell. Len’s father was exactly like his new roomate; brash, cold, and serious. Living with someone like that taught you to read little changes of emotion pretty quickly.
    “She’s kind of quiet, not super assertive either. In fact, people liked to pick on her a lot. Eventually, it got physical, and I had to start cracking skulls. Problem with her is she’s way too protective. What she doesn’t understand is that she’s the one who needs protecting, not me!” He pounded a fist on the bed. “It makes me sick, the way Haku always worries about everyone else before worrying about herself! What makes her think they’ll return the favor when the time comes, anyway?!” He rolled his eyes. “It’s pretty stupid if you ask me.”
    “Maybe she doesn’t need the favor returned,” Len ventured. “Maybe she just likes helping people.”
    “That’s the most disgustingly sentimental thing I’ve ever heard. Grow up.” Dell rolled over onto his side, turning his back to Len. “Why don’t you leave me alone? Just because we’re roomates doesn’t make us frickin’ BFFs.”
    Len threw his hands in the air, surrendering. “Okay, okay. I’ll leave you alone. Jeez.”
    Dell then proceeded to ignore him, playing with a pack of cigarettes. Len was tempted to remind him that smoking kills, but he knew the intrusion would not be welcome. Dell noticed him staring, and rolled his eyes.
    “Spare me the lecture, kid. I’ve already gotten it enough times from Deruko.” He rolled back over to look at Len. “Hey, toss me that laptop, will you?”
    Len looked in the direction Dell indicated, and noticed a nondescript black leather laptop case leaning against the wall. He grabbed it by the handle and gave it to Dell.
    “Thanks.” With that, Dell turned on the computer and started typing feverishly.
    “What’cha doing?” Len looked over his shoulder, curiousity piqued.
    Dell glared at him. “You really aren’t going to leave me alone, are you?” He rolled his eyes. “Never mind. I’m hacking the computer of the guy in the next room. Gonna look through all his stuff ‘n crap.”
    He pounded out a few more experimental keystrokes. “And… we’re in.”
    Len peeked over Dell’s head, and beheld a purple, eggplant-patterned desktop background. There were miscellaneous files everywhere, labeled in matching purple text. Obviously, whoever they’d hacked wasn’t into organization. Dell turned back to Len as he rearranged them, sensing the latter’s slack-jawed amazement.
    “I can teach you if you want. So long as you can try not to act like a fanboy. Call me Dell-sensei even once and you’re done. Even think the words ‘Dell-senpai’, and I kill you.”
    “Wow, really?” Len couldn’t believe what he was hearing.
    “Sure,” Dell smirked, tossing a knowing glance at the room’s door, “And your first assignment is to explain to the trained samurai in the next room why you hacked his computer and then sent his email insulting little animations.”
    Len had no time to react to this statement, because Dell shoved the laptop into his arms and somebody began to bang on the door.
    He slung a leg over the windowsill, and tossed Len a mock salute. “Good luck, kiddo. If you survive, come find me at dinner.”
    With that, he leapt out the window. Len looked down at the computer in his lap, feeling like the biggest idiot ever to walk the earth. Dell had just played him for a fool, and he’d walked right into it. The pounding on the door became more insistant. Resignedly, Len walked over to it and turned the knob.
    Kamui Gakupo pounded on the door of the next room over from his, fury burning inside him like a bonfire. Whoever hacked his computer was going to get it! They’d sent little animations of chibis mooning him to his email, and rearranged his desktop. That was a slight to his honor, and he wasn’t going to let that go.
    A young man with wild blonde hair and blue eyes opened the door. He was holding a laptop. Gakupo didn’t give him a chance to speak; as soon as he appeared, he leapt at him screaming.
    “You vile cur! Douse yourself in eggplants and repent! Prepare for justiiiiiiice!”
    Len didn’t have much time to react before the purple samurai bowled him over, yelling like a madman. His young life flashed before his eyes. This guy was obviously pretty ticked and he had a sword. In short, Len Kagamine wasn’t going to live for very long.
    The samurai unsheathed his sword, and leveled it at his opponent’s throat.
    “Now, foolish boy, are you ready to die?”
    Len gulped, having eyes only for the sword pressed against his throat. “Would you believe me if I said I was innocent?”
    The samurai shook his head. “Men will say anything to save their necks.”
    Len sighed in exasperation. “But I’m not lying. Somebody else did and decided to frame me. I’m not a jerk, so I won’t tell them off. But it wasn’t me. I’ll put your files back and apologize on behalf of who did. But it wasn’t me, I swear!”
    Len’s attacker pressed the sword a little harder against his neck. “How do I know that? All I have is your word to go on, and I do have a sword to your neck. Men will say anything to save their necks.”
    “I think you already said that,” Len ventured.
    “Kamui Gakupo, what the hell are you doing?!”
    Both attacker and victim turned and beheld another purple-haired guy standing at the end of the hall. He had the same ponytail as Len’s assailant, but was dressed more like a rock star than a samurai.
    The purple-haired samurai leapt off Len, and instead pointed his sword at the newcomer. “Kagura!? Cousin?!”
    “In the flesh. Now, leave the kid alone. It’s the gray-haired twerp that you’re after.”
    The samurai, Gakupo, narrowed his eyes. “And how would you know? Are you in league with him?”
    “No. I saw him jump out the window.” Kagura rolled his eyes. “Stupid freshmen. Always so overdramatic.”
    Gakupo sheathed his sword and glared at Kagura. “I’ll ignore that slight to my honor for the moment and track down he who hath rearranged my desktop.” He turned to Len. “Clearly, I was mistaken. Good day.”
    With that, he strode off down the hall, presumably to go attack Dell. Kagura was walking back to his room when Len called out to him.
    “Hey, thanks. For, you know, not letting him kill me.”
    Kagura rolled his eyes. “Don’t mention it, freshie. I don’t need that idiot getting into even more trouble.”
    With that, he stepped back into his room, leaving Len standing in the hall. The latter ran a hand through his messy hair and sighed.
    What am I getting myself into?
    Meiko lay on her bed in her dorm room, listening to the sounds of freshmen getting settled in. Her roommates hadn’t shown up to the school yet. She told herself it was impractical to expect them a day early, but it still made her uneasy. The note Miku had received earlier could only mean one thing: it had begun far sooner than she’d expected.
    “I just thought I’d have more time!” she blurted to nobody in particular. “Hatsune doesn’t trust me yet! I can’t do anything if she doesn’t trust me!”
    Meiko pounded a fist into her pillow, frustrated. “It can’t begin now- it’s too soon! I thought she’d at least wait until the school year had started!”
    She glanced towards the door, hoping to see one of her friends walk in. It’s not me she wants, it’s Miku, she told herself. They’re fine; they have to be. I haven’t got a note yet, that means they’re fine. If something had happened, I would have gotten a note like the one Hatsune got.
    Suddenly, there was a quiet knock on the door. Meiko leapt up to answer it. She ran to the door and jerked it open as if her life depended on it. Instead of her roommates standing there, she beheld a freshman girl shaking with fear.
    “What do you want?!” Meiko snapped. She hadn’t meant to; the general weirdness of the situation and her friends’ absence was getting to her.
    The freshman stared at her shoes and fidgeted a bit. Bad news was coming. Finally, the girl managed to open her mouth and spoke the words Meiko had been dreading to hear since she’d arrived at the school this year. “Somebody asked me to deliver this note to you. They said that i-if I didn’t, they’d…” She trailed off, not wanting to continue.
    Meiko’s heart sank as the freshman handed her the note. It was just like the other one, written on school stationary and in red pen. It read:
    tHiS iS wHAt HaPpEnS wHeN yOu PoKe yOUr nOsE iNtO tHiNgS tHaT dO nOT cOnCeRn YoU. tHinK oF tHiS aS yOuR FiRsT aNd LaSt wArNiNg. iF yOu TrY tO mEDDle iN mY pLaNs, yOu jUsT MiGhT eNd uP LiKe AnOn, KaNoN, aNd iA. tHeY tRiEd To StOp ME aNd LoOk wHaT HaPpeNeD tO tHeM. TrEaD cArEfUllY; sOmE sEcReTs aRe BeSt LeFt UnKnOwN.

    The note was unsigned. Meiko closed her eyes and exhaled slowly. She’d been wrong; she was involved in this. Whoever was orchestrating this had her roommates. Anon, Kanon, and IA were her best freinds and other members of the association which used the recording studio. The note suggested that they’d uncovered something, but what? What secret was so important that it was “best left unknown”? The writer spoke as though this was only the beginning. Meiko clenched her teeth and walked back into her room without speaking to the freshman. It’s going to be worse than I thought. This time, lives are at stake.

    Can I say right now that I really do hate writing Len and Dell's dialogue? That's the legitmate reason this fic died in the first place- I hated writing the scene with them, but the part needed to be longer. So... does that make it filler? It's not like it has much pertinence to the real plot. Yeah, this thing has a plot, by the way. Try not to be too shocked, but I'm actually going someplace with all this.
    *smiles evilly as only I can*

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