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Thread: The Yukmeister's Works [Main Focus: The Legend of Zelda fanfiction]

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    The Yukmeister's Works [Main Focus: The Legend of Zelda fanfiction]

    Well, in my introduction topic I mentioned that I am a fanfiction writer. However, I'm not THAT kind of fanfiction author who takes a popular anime/game character and makes them OOC just to have a romance genre suitable and have the stereotypical damsel in distress plot, no no. I actually tend to dislike, if not HATE those kind of stories. A little romance is nice, but something as simple as throwing the author in the story just for the sake of a lover is disgusting.

    My Inner Life, I'm looking at you.

    I'm more of the kind that takes a very, very small detail in the canon story and expand on it, trying to make a plot all on it's own just based around that minor detail without going overboard and whipping up some nonsense to fill in the plot holes. I'm a theorist, as you might call one. That's what I like to vision my settings in my stories, something that could be considered canon but at the same time just a fanfiction. For both of my ongoing stories, this is true.

    I'm not gonna mention why my FMA story happens because it's kind of a spoiler alert for both the show and my story.. heh. However, I've already explained that in my Legend of Zelda fanfiction, it takes place between Ocarina of Time and Wind Waker. Every hardcore Zelda fan knows that
    it was around this era that the Great Flood sealed away Hyrule and the survivors inhabited islands above the sunken country, blissfully unaware of the evil that still lurks.
    But how the heck did that happen? Thats the focus of my works, to depict the events that led up to Wind Waker.

    So with the little idea that bloomed in my head, my story was born. As well as drawing several "screenshots" to depict the events, I began to type out the story in a novelized fashion.

    Here ya go, I even did a cover.

    Screenshot 1

    Screenshot 2

    Concept art of a major character

    The very first concept art, now scrapped

    For those who were patiently waiting to get to my story and begin reading, well thanks for reading those few paragraphs above. Now, without further ado, here's the prologue.


    Fire blazed through the abyss, each of it's blaring fingers licking up into the dark void of what should have been air. Smoke arose and choked the life out of clean air, polluting the black void.

    Two figures were hunched over; one the size of a house with oversized horns that curled into a frightening shape. The beast was almost impossible to see, as it's figure was shadowed by an unnatural aura. Golden eyes cut through the darkness, narrow and full of malice. With it's muscular and deformed arms, it held some sort of trident, pointed dangerously to the other figure.

    The second one was a humanoid shape, which seemed to be in no good condition. The green garb the figure wore was dirtied in crimson liquid, and the azure eyes were pained and wary. Clutching a platinum-edged blade close and breathing quite heavily, the boy who looked no older than 14 defiantly glared back at the beast who towered over him.

    The monster raised it's trident above it's head, preparing to strike down the being before him. Lightning crackled in the nearby vicinity. The distracted youth found himself hooked into the sharp edge of the weapon, and was awkwardly shook off into the invisible ground. His blood seeped through his chest, pooling out into a red mass. His life was draining away as his stunned hand searched for his lost blade. The spark in his halcyon eyes began to fog up as his heartbeat slowed.

    As black edged his vision, the figure snorted as it rose it's weapon again, this time for the killing blow. Lightning and thunder mixed as it dove in for the kill.

    "Curse you..!"

    --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

    Link awoke, his blue eyes snapping open with terror and his face sweating, but they soon relaxed as the blonde reassured himself that it was only a bad dream. Trying to soothe his heavy breathing, he stared at the stone ceiling, hoping to escape the horrid thoughts of his nightmare. Yet, it was too peculiar to not think about it. It was a recurring dream he had been having for the past year. And it seemed too.. vivid.. to be a dream at all.

    He sighed and sat up in his warm bed, the crisp air of Autumn snaking down his exposed arms and sending him goosebumps. Turning his head towards the window, he convinced himself that it was only a recurring dream and that he should get his mind off of it. For the better, right?

    It looked like dawn would arrive soon, so there was no point in going back to sleep. He dragged himself out of his warm bed and changed into his normal attire, a green tunic and strange hat to match, and retrieved his sword and shield that was hanging on the wall. He figured that he would get some early sword practice today, as he wanted to make use of the morning. Garry would probably be up at this time, so he could have a spar or two with his fellow trainee.

    As his hand reached for the doorknob, he cast a swift glance at the framed image that was situated on the wooden desk near the door. It depicted a familiar woman and a young boy. Their eyes were close to identical and their smiles were both true, as they had once shared the same blood and lived a carefree lifestyle. But those times were no longer in the present.

    "See you later.. mother." He quietly whispered to nobody in particular as he mustered a small, sad smile.

    Exiting his chamber, he quietly strided down the dim stone hallway, hoping he was silent enough to not awaken his fellow trainees. Well, not that it mattered, they would wake up soon anyway to the strict yelling of one of the Unicorn Knights. He was glad that at least he wouldn't have to suffer. Today, anyway.

    Accompanied by the soft clomping of his boots, it took about a minute to escape the light snores of the chamber hall. The only thing that kept his attention occupied was the colorful decorations and emblems that were hung up and painted along the walls. At the end, he naturally turned right and down the hallway he went, his destination the training courtyard. Several guards met him at the end of each hallway, but as soon as they had recognized his face they allowed him to pass.

    Soon after he had descended a flight of stairs that took him to the first floor of Hyrule Castle, he bumped into another individual, the blow sending both onto the red carpet. Trying to recover from the shock of the fall, Link opened his eyes and ears and heard a muffled rant coming from the other person.

    "..going, ya clutz!" A brisk and deep voice pierced Link's poor eardrums. Opening his eyes, he looked up to see a young man, garbed in a black tunic and steel shoulder plates, had long brown hair tied into a small ponytail, and his brown eyes seemingly on fire. A scarf wrapped around his neck, and the Emblem of a Siren Knight was printed in ink was visible in the cloth.

    So this guy is a messenger..

    "I.. I'm sorry." Link managed to huff before standing up on his own. The man snorted in obvious annoyance, standing up himself, before taking a real look at the blonde in green.

    "Ah!" He stuttered, hustling to salute Link. The boy in green tilted his head slightly in confusion, wondering why the man's attitude changed so drastically within a second. Probably bipolar.

    "You're Trainee Link, correct? I've been sent to escort you to the Throne Room. Her Majesty is having some sort of meeting in regards to a mission, and you were a selected unit for the task. I don't know much myself, but gee, a Trainee specifically selected by Her Majesty herself is quite an honor!" Finishing his rant, the Siren Knight held his salute.

    "Now, if you'd please, follow me." Without waiting for a response from Link, he whipped around and marched down the hallway, expecting Link to follow.

    Taking his words into account, Link gathered up what he could from the man's dialogue as he reluctantly followed behind.

    So Princess Zelda chose me to go on a mission? I wonder what it's about..


    And there, that's all for now, folks. I plan on making the second part of the prologue soon, as I felt that this would do for a first start. Do you have any comments, questions, criticism, or just want to leave an idea? Feel free to leave your thoughts below, I always love to hear the reader's opinions.

    Oh, and those who were wondering if they could read my FMA fanfiction, well here ya go. Heres concept art of the main character.

    Without further ado, have a good day and don't eat veggies. They're gross.

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    Re: The Yukmeister's Works [Main Focus: The Legend of Zelda fanfiction]

    Your writing seems rather smooth, detailed, and interesting.
    This is a good story, looking forward to seeing more.

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