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Thread: What's Your Random Superpower?

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    I want to line the pieces up. Yours... and mine. Luigiguy78's Avatar
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    Friday, Mar 16 2012

    Re: What's Your Random Superpower?

    I got Wax Generation which means that I can... generate wax. Freaking brilliant.

    Let the sun shine on the Ice gym!
    Managed to defeat Keeby's fire gym!

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    i am embarassed by my actions
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    Thursday, Jun 27 2013

    Re: What's Your Random Superpower?

    - Energy Exoskeleton -
    The user can form armor around their body or a shape it from solid energy for protection and physical boost. With training, the user could shape the armor into new forms for weapons, transportation, even constructs of the element.

    Never enough mana shields

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    The Villager of Death

    Re: What's Your Random Superpower?

    Reversed Vocifery, the power to always be wrong xD
    So I can kill anyone by saying "You're alive!" and ressurect anyone by saying "You're dead!"

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    Friday, Sep 5 2014

    Re: What's Your Random Superpower?

    Digital Soul. So, I guess that means I can be a Digimon, now. Or, maybe, one of those Netnavis from Battle Network. The possibilities are endless.
    ... Jack in, Redman, execute.

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    Cute Little Poot
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    Re: What's Your Random Superpower?

    Very useful... and better than my random result. "Umbrakinetic Blade Construction" might make a reasonable hobby, I guess
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