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Thread: What Pokemon are you?

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    Re: What Pokemon are you?

    I have a few more anything goes pokedex ones for the multiple names I go by, plus my Mass Effect 3 aly cool guy! (Inside spoilerbox to decrease page size)

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    Re: What Pokemon are you?


    Took the quiz and now I'm a...

    I think that is very fitting for my personality, so YAY!
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    Re: What Pokemon are you?

    I am togetic~!
    I also got MewTwo~!
    And Natu~!
    Does this mean I am special~?!

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    Re: What Pokemon are you?

    Ih, so I took the test again. I have real-life knowledge of my reactions to questions now.

    ...Always the hippie result...

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    Re: What Pokemon are you?

    I am neither social, confident, nor impulsive. But it is my favourite pokémon...

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    Re: What Pokemon are you?

    Wow... this describes me perfectly!

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    Re: What Pokemon are you?

    Hehe, fits me very well! (->^<>^<-)

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    Re: What Pokemon are you?

    My result is Togetic.
    It says I am kind hearted and will help out people [so true]. I tend to act impulsively at times [also so true]. So I must say I took the quiz accurately if I received accurate results. ^_^

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    Re: What Pokemon are you?

    This seemed interesting, so I decided to take it as well. My result?

    You know, that's not too far from the truth. I'm oblivious at many times, sure, but I'm more happy-go-lucky than not caring at all about much of anything. My biggest weakness is that I'm just not outgoing enough.
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    Re: What Pokemon are you?

    I got Togetic.
    I'll admit, It's pretty much 100% right.

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    Re: What Pokemon are you?

    I got Butterfree. I don't think I'm as positive as it says, but apart from that, it's quite accurate!

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    "I always carry an umbrella, in case stars start to fall down.” Jelly deKiller's Avatar
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    Re: What Pokemon are you?

    That's actually me to a tee.

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    Re: What Pokemon are you?

    Pretty accurate if I say so myself.

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    Re: What Pokemon are you?

    I got my favorite Pokémon! Yay! And, it's also extremely accurate... I mean, I infact do, fight for my friends. Although it never actually said that In the text, it sort of described it as that. You do, have to fight for your friends to protect them most of the time so...
    That's pretty cool
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    Re: What Pokemon are you?


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    Tuesday, Jun 18 2013

    Re: What Pokemon are you?

    I don't care what I get I am Snorlax

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    Re: What Pokemon are you?

    Only true to some extend. The latter is not really right, since I do take friendships somewhat serious.
    I know that I know nothing.
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    Re: What Pokemon are you?

    I took the test and got this.

    That's 100% me.
    Edit: I retook the test(and the other ones) and got things that better suit me.
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    Re: What Pokemon are you?

    Apparently I'm a Butterfree.

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    Re: What Pokemon are you?

    First time I've ever taken one of these (let alone two or six).

    First time I took this, I got Mewtwo, and I thought he fit pretty well, but now I keep getting Natu or Teddiursa.

    ...on the other hand, Natu does fit pretty well too. Teddiursa, not so much.

    Ground-types are cool, diplomatic and versatile in skills when they need to be, but they're usually rather quiet and keep to themselves if they can, preferring to be on their own.
    Sounds about right.

    I had my younger brother take the type one too. He got Bug-type. Very fitting.

    Bug-types are confident, impulsive and outgoing, fairly open-minded but also sometimes stubborn. They aim high and follow their hearts.
    (emphasis mine)

    I wonder how they're gonna rework it so the ???-type is replaced with the Fairy-type.

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    Monday, Mar 18 2013
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    Re: What Pokemon are you?

    Well, it turns out I've got

    EDIT: I did the Pokemon Type test too

    EDIT AGAIN: It can't be seen here. For the curious, I got Ground type
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    Re: What Pokemon are you?

    I've been in a great mood lately and this personality quiz seems to have noticed.

    'cept for the last bit, yeah, this is kinda how I've been feeling lately. No worries, so life is good. Life is really good.

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    Re: What Pokemon are you?

    On the Type quiz, I am a ground type.

    From the original:

    From the Eonlight Valley:

    From the Sun Shrine which needed WAAAY more neutral answers:

    I think they're all pretty fitting, except for the last part of Ninetales: I don't really hate anybody, I just dislike some people.

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