If not indicated by the fact that I'm posting here in the first place, I write. I'll be dumping all my old stuff first.

Spoiler: The Bomber in Blue 

Spoiler: Tended Lands 

Spoiler: The Pain that Can't be Healed 

Spoiler: The Seasonal Cycle 

Spoiler: Treachery of Rogues 

Spoiler: Senses 

Spoiler: The Last Solar Child 

Spoiler: The Four Parter 

Spoiler: IDOLA 

Spoiler: Destruction Unleashed / Megaman Legends 

Spoiler: Apathy 

With those posted, here's the more recent things, in order of most recent to least recent. This is almost exclusively me rewriting something else, so I cannot take full credit for any one piece.

Spoiler: Deadly Guard / Flint 

Spoiler: Seven vs The World / Galax 

Spoiler: Don't Mess with Spacetime / Aquinas 

Spoiler: The Plight of One / Unnamed User Prologue 

Spoiler: Battleground Funster / Zelos 

Spoiler: Bladed Dance / Meta-Mind 

Spoiler: Lost, but not Beaten / Umbra in Umbraland 

Spoiler: Far from Saving / General Jason