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Thread: Next and Latest Buttons

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    Next and Latest Buttons

    I think this is the right place to post this. I noticed that on all comic pages 537 (Super Carol 64) and later, the "Next" and "Latest" buttons are missing. Moreover, the "Latest" buttons on all the pages before that point to Super Carol 64. I'm not sure what that means programming-wise or if it's related to the fact that 537 was a video comic or anything like that, but I figured it was worth mentioning since it probably needs to be fixed.

    Also, I checked briefly if anyone had brought this up already, but I might have missed it since when I tried to use the Search bar I got a "Database error", which turns into a 500 internal server error if I refresh. So, uh... someone should probably look into that too.

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    Re: Next and Latest Buttons

    The archives are working properly!

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