An abandoned fallout shelter in Austin, Texas

Five figures shuffled into what appeared as a small auditorium hall. Three large monitors attached to the opposing wall were all that greeted them in the otherwise dark room. As the five who entered the room situated themselves in chairs around the hall, three figures slowly came into view on the monitors. There were two men, one tailored in what appeared to be a business suit and the other hunched over leaning on a cane, and one woman in a smart dress and heels. They appeared on their respective monitors, though the top halves of their bodies slowly entered a gradually darkening gray gradient up to their faces, which were completely shrouded by blackness. The younger man on-screen was the first to talk.

"In this world, natural phenomena occur around us each and every day: the flowers of the ground open to accept the rays of the sun, cells of the body divide without end to form whatever ends they desire. It is because of the everyday, natural phenomena that you five are able to stand in front of us today. But this is not why you are here."

"An Unnatural Phenomena occurred on May 29th, 1963: to keep it in simple terms, we call this occurrence The Event. At exactly 1:30 pm and 29 seconds on that day, our dimension shifted in a way none of us can explain. The precise location of this shift was a small prairie house in the plains surrounding Perth, Australia. A single man lived in solitude here, tending to his fields like any farmer. At 1:30 pm on that day, his life changed forever."

"Before the twenty ninth second of that day, this man lived an ordinary farmer's life. He managed his crops, he dined with his farmer neighbors, he traveled into town. But after the twenty ninth second of that day and the Event had occurred, it was as if this man and everything he owned had never previously existed. Everything regarding this man had been forcefully ripped from the knowledge of this world. It is because of this that preciously little is known about the past of this man and everything he owned."

"In the five decades since the Event, this man's house has been ransacked. Items once of importance to his existence are now scattered across the world. Why? The inter-dimensionality of the Event changed the quantum function of both the man and everything in his prairie house making both him and his items valuable beyond words. Although items from his house appear to be everyday, natural objects, they have been altered in two ways. The first alteration is that every object from the house has been rendered indestructible. The second it that the basic properties of these objects have been altered. We present this common, everyday 20 cent coin from the man's house: while it may look and feel like the average 20 cent coin, if thrown with enough velocity at a solid object, it will erupt into a cloud of smoke. All objects within the parameters of the Event follow the alterations stated."

"We, the Council of Three, harbor a particular interest in the collection of these objects. The reason behind this is we feel these objects should be locked away from the hands of greedy mortal men; some objects have mundane powers which are only trivial in nature, but others are considered to be weapons; some of these you will encounter and some we already have collected. This is where you five come into the picture. You five are the product of a collective search the three of us have conducted spanning the past few years. We believe each of you bring a collective skill to the table that is vital to our search."

"We realize the task before you is no small undertaking, so we will leave it with you one last time before you decide whether or not to accept. The task is to return to us every object affected by the Event so that the greedy hands of mortal men are prevented from affecting the world with their powers. In our personal vaults, we already have twenty eight of these objects, and we know the whereabouts of many more. You must track down these objects either together or separately, we have no preference. While we would rather keep violence out of the picture, retrieve all objects at any cost.
"Finally, the most important aspect of this mission. The general public knows nothing about the whereabouts and existence of these objects. If they find out, the media all around the world will ruin the secrative nature of these objects, a thing we have kept in order for so long. In your investigations of the objects and the Event, do your best to erase all former knowledge regarding all you are tasked to do.
"Though it pains us ever so much to do so, each of you will be lent an object to aid you in your tasks, so should you choose to accept. But be warned: each object is like a magnet. Every time an object is used, the evils of the world are drawn to their location. There are other organizations such as ours that would use these objects to mold the world as they seen fit, given the chance. Be watchful and you may just succeed. We expect the five of you to return here with your responses in three days.

The three monitors flickered then turned off, leaving the five to think about the task at hand.

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