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Thread: BRAWL in the FORUM

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    BRAWL in the FORUM

    (not sure if this belongs here, but that's why you have the proving grounds, right?)
    Hello, and welcome to brawl in the forum!
    Is is not a complicated roleplay, there are only a few rules.
    There is no player cap and no sign ups. The way it works is, we will just be brawling! Just about anything goes to win, except for:


    1. Your fighting techniques must make sense and be realistic. When I say realistic, I mean you can do stuff like using hypercannons and energy shields, but not like "my god powers kill everyone. The end"

    2. Take a break between posts. Allow at least 2 other posters to post between your posts, more if this becomes popular.

    3. Have fun, and brawl away!

    4. If there's any revisions,extra rules, etc. I should do, be sure to let me know!
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    Re: BRAWL in the FORUM

    Well, the moment you say "no player cap" and "no sign-ups," this instantly goes in Lololo. Try taking it to the Topic Approval Thread.

    Lololo doesn't have as many guidelines for its approvals, but I still think people are going to see revisions. The problem I see right away is that anything goes but you can't be "overpowered." Now there's not much of a line there, and I'm not sure how constructive this will be since it'll just turn into an endless sequence of people writing some attack, people either ignoring it or countering it and then doing their own, and so on. I suppose not all games are meant to be won, but if there's few rules there wouldn't be much to do in the game except escalate the power level.

    Those are just my thoughts, but I'm sure the Lololo community will have a better idea on how to make the game fun for them, or maybe people will approve right away. Anyways, since this doesn't quite belong here, I'll lock this thread.

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