Generally this is a laid-back forum where you all are free to let out your creative sides, but we do expect a couple of things.

  1. Criticism:

    What criticism is: Comments and/or suggestions meant to help the artist improve on any weak areas you find. A good critic not only points out issues, but usually provides at least one or two suggestions for improvement in an attempt to inspire the artist toward improvement.
    Example: "The shading on the leg seems a bit off, have you tried looking up some lighting references?"

    What criticism isn't: Being a jerk, to put it bluntly. While I understand being helpful is not all cake and roses, standard forum rules still apply and the word "Critic" doesn't make you immune. Please be considerate with your commentary.
    Example: "That leg looks like a spaghetti noodle, were you even trying?"

  2. What goes here:

    This particular forum is kind of a catch-all so we'll be lenient when it comes to posting things. Generally if it's something you can see then it should be fine. When in doubt, just ask a mod!

    We do ask that you only post things that you made yourself, for obvious reasons. Exceptions will be made if you can prove the original creator has given you permission, but otherwise we do reserve the right to delete threads/posts that we suspect to be stolen/traced art.

And I think that about covers things. Enjoy!