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    Re: Today's announcement (Comic 580)

    This is big enough for even me to come back.

    TB, I want to let you know that even though I've stopped appearing on the forum, I've had this comic on my homepage over three different computers and...
  2. Sticky: Re: ~Current Comic Discussion (448 - Mog)~

    Thank you thank you THANK YOU. ^^ Now I'm gonna get the game, AND I can replace a stolen textbook for College!
  3. Sticky: Re: ~Current Comic Discussion (448 - Mog)~

    Ahhhh, that's adorable! ^w^ And I want that game so bad, you seriously have no idea. I've been searching for it for 7 or so years. XD
  4. Sticky: Re: ~Current Comic Discussion (430 - The Best Pokémon Team Ever)~

    That'd be a pretty cool idea for a 6th Gen Pokemon, actually...

    I really like Bug Catcher. He doesn't really have all that much skill, but he...
  5. Sticky: Re: ~Current Comic Discussion (424 - The Sleepover [Part 6])~

    Seconded. ^^
  6. Sticky: Re: ~Current Comic Discussion (421 - The Sleepover [Part 3])~

    This comic was actually pretty awesome, I really like it. XD

    Anyone else expect panel 3 to become a mini-meme?
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    Re: ~The BitF Smash-Ups Thread~

    That was a stroke of genius. Wonderful. ^^

    :mario: YES! YEEEEES! This needs to become a series!
    There also needs to be an emote for Mario in the Hammer Bros Suit going YES! YEEEEES!
  8. Sticky: Re: ~Current Comic Discussion (417 - The Brawlers at Dinner)~

    All right, this is a really clever one! Awesome job on the comic! I always like jokes that do stuff like this, digging into the daily mishaps of characters. XD
  9. Sticky: Re: ~Current Comic Discussion (416 - Just Married)~

    Everybody together now!

    Also, look at that, I'm back for the 5th time. Let's see how long THIS one lasts.
  10. Sticky: Re: ~Current Comic Discussion (Latest: 388 - Ice World)~

    Uhm... Can you get the new Ice World comic going on Youtube, like your other musical comics? I can't see the comic on this site for some reason...
  11. Sticky: Re: ~Current Comic Discussion (Latest: 374 - Missingno.)~

    Just stopping by to say you still got it! XD I LOVE Pokemon Glitches, so I really liked this one. ^^
  12. Sticky: Re: ~Current Comic Discussion (Latest: 354 - Animals)~

    Interesting comic, heh. Why hadn't I ever thought of that?

    The realistic hedgehog is so CUUUUUUTE!
  13. Sticky: Re: ~Current Comic Discussion (Latest: 352 - Plucked)~

    The interesting thing about "Plucked" is that it implies the Pikmin have time to develop those houses and stuff... Perhaps it's possible they are reborn when they die, with their remains fertilizing...
  14. Sticky: Re: ~Current Comic Discussion (Latest: 336 - Boss Room)~

    I missed your birthday!?! Sorry!

    As for the comic, I quite liked it! It's quite creative! I'm surprised I never thought about that before...
  15. Sticky: Re: ~Current Comic Discussion (Latest: 335 - Roy G Biv)~

    This was fairly creative! I like it! Took me a second to figure out what was happening at first, but then I got it. At first I thought it was a Koopa Paratroopa, about to fly through it and come out...
  16. Sticky: Re: ~Current Comic Discussion (Latest: 333 - Advice)~

    Aha, wow, Kaepora Gaebora's crazy, man.

    OH HEY, it IS Friday the 13th! Yay! Everyone's gonna panic because of bad luck, and I get to watch~!

    I don't know my Eternal Darkness, but I say why not?
  17. Sticky: Re: ~Current Comic Discussion (Latest: 331 - The Victor)~

    Hah, clever. That's something I wouldn't have thought of!
  18. Sticky: Re: ~Current Comic Discussion (Latest: 325 - Pik-ing on Me)~

    That's what he gets for making fun of Steve! XD

    Dang, beat me to it...!
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    Re: ~The BitF Smash-Ups Thread~

    Where is everyone getting this "BREAKING NEWS" thing, and the thing with the sun going around the Earth multiple times.
  20. Sticky: Re: ~Current Comic Discussion (Latest: 323 - Philips' Box)~


    May I have permission to narrate the newest comic on Youtube?
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    Re: It's Only a Flesh Wound

    I've had a few issues, but the closest I've got to a real injury is probably falling on my head and ripping my scalp open.
  22. Sticky: Re: ~Current Comic Discussion (Latest: 319 - Cocoon Academy 7)~

    You know who I think that guy at the end was?
    Galacta Knight.
  23. Sticky: Re: ~Current Comic Discussion (Latest: 314 - Cocoon Intermission A)~

    Dedede's Dad made me smile. :) Also, this is gonna sound weird, but the whole "sucks" thing took me a second to get.
  24. Sticky: Re: ~Current Comic Discussion (Latest: 308 - My Awesome Magneton)~

    Am I the only one who thinks the bottom right Magnemite looks like a Dark Matter eye?
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    Re: ~The BitF Smash-Ups Thread~
    Don't Laugh at TB.

    Also, since I forgot if I already posted this...
    Mr. Sun...
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