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  1. Sticky: Re: ~Current Comic Discussion (Latest: 374 - Missingno.)~

    Ha! I like this one, good old fashioned pokemon glitch humor. (It's funny because Missigno. glitched your bag so you had 128 of whatever item was in a certain slot)
  2. Sticky: Re: ~Current Comic Discussion (Latest: 371 - Variations on a Visual Gag)~

    Okay, here's another one.

  3. Sticky: Re: ~Current Comic Discussion (Latest: 371 - Variations on a Visual Gag)~

    Well, I've got some dumb ideas if anyone wants to plagiarize for half credit. Reference to Comic 12 - Hitchin' a Ride; Obligatory "Can't let you do that"; something about landmasters and how Midna...
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    Re: Questions that need answer.

    You might want to check out Comic 49 - backstory and the cocoon academy arc. Those should answer two of your questions.
  5. Sticky: Re: ~Current Comic Discussion (Latest: 363 - Sun's Song [Part 2])~

    Eh. I kinda saw this one coming. I like that you put the MM moon in though, I think it really added to the humor.
  6. Sticky: Re: ~Current Comic Discussion (Latest: 359 - Banished)~

    Everyone's looking at me weird now because of how much I laughed at this. Even better than usual!
  7. Sticky: Re: ~Current Comic Discussion (Latest: 352 - Plucked)~

    So, does this mean that every pikmin has their own apartment, or is it all one huge room, which implies that the surface of the Distant planet isn't actually connected to the core. Interesting...
  8. Sticky: Re: ~Current Comic Discussion (Latest: 336 - Boss Room)~

    Well, if it just gained one level, wouldn't it now be over 9001!!!? [/stupidquestion]
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    Re: Why is Waluigi so...crazy?

    Expecting originality? :waluigitime:
  10. Sticky: Re: ~Current Comic Discussion (Latest: 312 - Cocoon Academy 2)~

    "My leg!" I see what you did there, Bun.

    Ah, Spongebob...good times...
  11. Sticky: Re: ~Current Comic Discussion (Latest: 311 - Cocoon Academy 1)~

    Hey, cool, I found another hidden Mr. Saturn!

    Anyway, this single (though long) strip just made up for the entirety of a not-so-great day. You continue to amaze me with your awesomeness, Bun. ...
  12. Sticky: Re: ~Current Comic Discussion (Latest: 310 - The Casanova)~

    This preview image reminds me of Nightmare Before Christmas, but isn't Christmas over? Possibly a connection between that and a backstory for SSB?
  13. Sticky: Re: ~Current Comic Discussion (Latest: 309 - Table Etiquette)~

    What do you mean by that?
  14. Sticky: Re: ~Current Comic Discussion (Latest: 309 - Table Etiquette)~

    In the third panel, Kirby's writing on his hand. Is he a lefty?
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    Re: The Comic On Your Birthday

    Only one, #63 Isaac.
  16. Sticky: Re: ~Current Comic Discussion (Latest: 308 - My Awesome Magneton)~


    Wow, so many great comics recently! I love the kid's exceptional vocabulary in the penultimate panel, and the contrasting of his joyful silhouette with the disamusement of the left Diglett....
  17. Sticky: Re: ~Current Comic Discussion (Latest: 307 - Doduo)~

    This is what every pokemon needs.
  18. Sticky: Re: ~Current Comic Discussion (Latest: 306 - Taking Flight)~

    So, the comic...
  19. Sticky: Re: ~Current Comic Discussion (Latest: 306 - Taking Flight)~

    Oh, excitement!!! Do we get any hints about the plot?
  20. Sticky: Re: ~Current Comic Discussion (Latest: 306 - Taking Flight)~

    Would that be Flatland? Interesting book, mediocre movie. As for the comic, I didn't understand until TB's post whether he was praising or dissing his SSB flight. That last panel is awesome and...
  21. Sticky: Re: ~Current Comic Discussion (Latest: 305 - Party Star)~

    Is that what Link saw in the Lens of Truth comic?

    EDIT: Whoops, looks like Piscine had that idea first...oh well...
  22. Sticky: Re: ~Current Comic Discussion (Latest: 305 - Party Star)~

    I kind of pictured Toad giving a kind of ignorant "Thanks for the coins!" Mario paid him, and he gave him a star. Mario didn't specify the kind of star, so it's not Toad's fault. He's calm about...
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    Re: ~BitF Fun Facts/Q&A Thread~

    fiftyeighthens, a.k.a. Chris.
  24. Sticky: Re: ~Current Comic Discussion (Latest: 286 - The Fish Next Door)~

    I don't know whether I want to laugh or cry at that pun. Anyway, am I the only one who noticed that the fish is entirely alone on the train in the last panel? Seems kind of suspicious... :mariogaze:
  25. Sticky: Re: ~Current Comic Discussion (Latest: 285 - Yarn Meetings)

    Yes, I have met a knight. He was with kingde dede...oh wait.
    Anyway, this week was really amazing! I love the return to the original simplistic style of the old days of Bitf (humor wise). I...
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