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  1. Sticky: Re: ~Current Comic Discussion (582 - Ruto)~

    To me the second panel looks like something out of a manga. I've been reading too much manga lately.
  2. Sticky: Re: ~Current Comic Discussion (580 - World Eight-Four [BIG ANNOUNCEMENT])~
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    Re: Today's announcement (Comic 580)


    But all my surprise aside here, couldn't you allow someone else take over the comic? I mean, even if their art is worse than Dedede's, and the uploads are once a month or less, it's...
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    Re: In memory of Terra Taranto

    I'm sorry about your dog... my dog looks like he is nearing his end too. He's blind and is pretty old.

    I feel sorry for you, bro ;_;7
  5. Sticky: Re: ~Current Comic Discussion (529 - Sick of Thwomps)~

    Yeah, I suppose I'm tired of the thwomp jokes but this one was funny. I loved the style of today's comic, and found it amusing. Hey, can't you feel sorry for that thwomp when it got kicked over by...
  6. Sticky: Re: ~Current Comic Discussion (526 - Smash Voters: Marth)~

    Well, I didn't expect that! Good art style as usual - shows how much names can cause! When someone says Liam I don't know if they're talking to/about me or to someone else called Liam! xD
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    Re: ~The BitF Smash-Ups Thread~

    I wanted to have a try at this, and I couldn't think of anything funny, so here is this.
    It's basically the villager stalking Link. I didn't know what comic to do it with, so random button.
  8. Sticky: Re: ~Current Comic Discussion (525 - Gaming's Worst Jobs)~

    I really don't want to be Bowser's dentist...
    I don't want to be Mario's plumber. If I tried plumbing those pipes I'll be sucked into the Mushroom Kingdom and get destroyed by a goomba or something...
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