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  1. Sticky: Re: ~Current Comic Discussion (599 - Meet Me at Final Destination [Part 5])~

    This is an awesome and sad... this was a great comic, going to miss it Matt, but everything has its time
  2. Sticky: Re: ~Current Comic Discussion (585 - Mike Jones' Very Own Comic)~

    Hahaha, I knew about Mike Jones, honestly I would prefer his villain opposed to him in smash, Zoda could be pretty sick
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    Re: Today's announcement (Comic 580)

    This is sad :( been a great year, may have to go for the books when you do the additional ones, again makes me sad that you are ending the comic but all good things must come to a close
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    Re: Who should be in/more in BitF?

    Oh I forgot that one, but it has been waaaayyy too long
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    Re: Who should be in/more in BitF?

    I just thought of someone we haven't seen despite the possibility of good jokes on a number fronts, and is proably the only main Nintendo villain we haven't seen: K.Rool
  6. Sticky: Re: ~Current Comic Discussion (571 - Pink Gold Peach)~

    That's hilarious
  7. Sticky: Re: ~Current Comic Discussion (570 - Baby Bros.)~

    Actualy, that's not nessecarily true, its never been stated their status, but there are a couple trains of thoughts:
    DKJr is DK's father, due to Cranky being his grandfather
    another is that DKJr is...
  8. Sticky: Re: ~Current Comic Discussion (570 - Baby Bros.)~

    So hilarious, and yet so true
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    Re: Who should be in/more in BitF?

    I personaly would like seeing ROB more, or perhaps an encounter between him and ROB64. I think it would be cool to see Stanley from DK3, perhaps some jokes about him looking similar to Mario, but...
  10. Sticky: Re: ~Current Comic Discussion (566 - Yoga)~

    Now that is hilarious
  11. Sticky: Re: ~Current Comic Discussion (562 - Sweet Freedom)~

    Actualy, apparently they have fixed that, but on the flip side, they minimized/removed even last place rubber banding as well making it an equal playing feild
  12. Sticky: Re: ~Current Comic Discussion (560 - Nana Gives It Her All)~

    You know, I've always been curious if Triforcebun has considered doing some of these auditions that are unlikely, or that havent gotten in as playable, like Samurai Goroh, Waluigi, Ashley, now that...
  13. Sticky: Re: ~Current Comic Discussion (560 - Nana Gives It Her All)~

    Heh, nice one
  14. Sticky: Re: ~Current Comic Discussion (559 - Tacticians)~

    hehehe, love it, just goes to how different era and game types have different styles
  15. Sticky: Re: ~Current Comic Discussion (557 - Developing Relationship)~

    Hehe, love it, nice pun, cant wait to see what you do about this direct
  16. Sticky: Re: ~Current Comic Discussion (553 - Kong Buddies)~

    Hah, love this comic, just too bad I have put off on getting Tropical freeze, got a limited budget, and kinda saving for MK8.... however if I do manage to finish Twilight princess and Skyward Sword...
  17. Sticky: Re: ~Current Comic Discussion (547 - Divide by Hero [Part 3])~

    The Irony is that technicly Bowser can play the organ, and its quite melodramatic, I mean does anyone remember this?

    Now there...
  18. Sticky: Re: ~Current Comic Discussion (547 - Divide by Hero [Part 3])~

    Hahah, now that was a good one, hmmmm wonder what would happen if the villians all teamed up, and then built their own world rather than conquer others? that could be interesting
  19. Sticky: Re: ~Current Comic Discussion (546 - Divide by Hero [Part 2])~

    HAhahahaha, did not see that coming, good one
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    Re: In memory of Terra Taranto

    Sigh, I remember when I lost my pet rabbit, couldnt stop crying for several days, but the important thing to remember is that one of the primary purposes of a pet is to bring joy and responsibility...
  21. Re: How long did you lurk before joining BitFoums?

    Just followed the comic and popped in here every once in a while for a couple months, joined up when I saw the games that could make great comic jokes pop up
  22. Sticky: Re: ~Current Comic Discussion (545 - Divide by Hero [Part 1])~

    I do have to admit I am curious how many villian cameos you will fit into this arc from Motherbrain, to Wart, to perhaps even Zoda from startropics, never know what you might sneak in
  23. Sticky: Re: ~Current Comic Discussion (545 - Divide by Hero [Part 1])~

    Heh, Cant wait to see the next part, I love your arcs, though I am curious to see if you are going to do more than one switch up, admittedly Ridley attacking Kirby would be amusing, though I assume...
  24. Sticky: Re: ~Current Comic Discussion (542 - Tree)~

    Its an alternate continuity, both exist, wouldnt be surprised to see boom sonic as an alternate costume for SSB4, especialy since the tie in game is nintendo exclusive
  25. Sticky: Re: ~Current Comic Discussion (541 - Wasting the Day)~

    Heh, that comic iconized one of the primary reasons I got a Wii-u, which is playing it with others XD cant wait till the new smash comes out
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