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    What the next comic will be about

    Judging by what has happened recently, with the hoenn remakes confirmed(I like how they're coming out in November, since November 1st is my birthday. Can't wait till then), I'm pretty sure the next...
  2. Re: I need your advice, Matthew! Please help me!

    Well, now that I think about it I have just a little more questions that I need answered. Again, you don't have to answer any, but it would help me with making the comic! Sorry if this is annoying....
  3. Re: I need your advice, Matthew! Please help me!

    Woah, Mattew! I didn't expect you to reply to this, and so soon, too! Thank you so much! I really with I could give you something in return for answering my questions! I'll start working on getting...
  4. I need your advice, Matthew! Please help me!

    Hey, Matthew! (unless you're someone else) For a while now, I've been really enthusiastic about this, and I've been thinking for a while now, and I thought you would be the best Webcomic owner to...
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    Re: In memory of Terra Taranto

    I feel you man. At summer camp, we were allowed to take fish and crawfish home with us if we caught them at the lake. I caught one, and they are usualy aggressive, but this one seemed to like me. It...
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