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    Re: Today's announcement (Comic 580)

    Sir, I just want to say that it has been a pleasure reading these comics these last few years. You have really changed how I look at some of my favorite video games, and I often enjoyed your...
  2. Sticky: Re: ~Current Comic Discussion (564 - The Most Comfortable Way to Hold a 3DS)~

    I have big hands, so either way is comfortabvlker

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    Re: In memory of Terra Taranto

    As someone who has lost a few pets, and young pets as that, I offer my condolences to you. The best thing to keep in mind is that Terra will be waiting for you in heaven, tail wagging, as will...
  4. Sticky: Re: ~Current Comic Discussion (520 - Confuse Ray)~

    I've heard of spitting into the wind, but that...that takes the cake.
  5. Sticky: Re: ~Current Comic Discussion (497 - Pockets)~

    Good thing his pockets weren't full...
  6. Sticky: Re: ~Current Comic Discussion (494 - Political Strife)~

    Read this comic while listening to the Stand by Protomen, it makes it even more awesome.
    (EDIT: Song talks a little bit about death, and some of their other songs use swear words so proceed with...
  7. Sticky: Re: ~Current Comic Discussion (492 - Silver Gauntlets)~

    great comic! I sang along when he opened the chest.

    Another thought I had was this, If he had this in the Smash Brothers series, would he need anything else? just punch a guy and he would be...
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