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General Forum Rules
BitForums' Official Forum Rules

Hello, and welcome to BitForums! Now that you've successfully made your account, we'd like to give a few pointers on how to keep out of trouble while you get used to the community. I won't waste your time with a load of explanation stuff, so I'll go ahead and file additional info under spoilerboxes for your convenience.

Now that the general intro is over, I'll get onto the actual rules themselves:


Rule 1: Be excellent to each other.
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Rule 2: Be constructive!
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Rule 3: Illegal activities.
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Rule 4: Use discretion while debating.
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Rule 5: No PM/VM abuse/harassment.
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Rule 6: Please, leave moderation of the forums to the moderators.
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Rule 7: Nothing above PG-13, please.
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Rule 8: Common Sense and general Politeness are wonderful things.
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Rule 9: Loopholes?
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Rule 10: Signature Size
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Frequently Asked Questions

So what happens if I break a rule?
If you break a rule, it's not over! Punishment is split into two different actions: Warnings and Infractions.
Spoiler: Basic Explanation of the Infraction System 

A Warning is harmless, for the most part. They're there for your benefit more than ours, since it gives the moderators an easy way to tell you what's wrong and how to get back on track before things fall apart.

However an Infraction will have lasting consequences, so be careful to follow the rules to avoid these! If you feel that an infraction is unfair, by all means contact one of the staff and tell us why. If you're decent to us, we'll likely return the favor; but if you're being a jerk we'll like just ignore you!

What do I do if I see someone breaking a rule?
Well that's easy! The best thing to do in this case isn't to confront the user yourself; that'll likely end badly for the both of you.

What you should do is hit that little triangle with the ! inside. Bottom left side of the post, do you see it? If you click on that, it will give you a way to tell us exactly what's going on without the other user knowing!

Am I allowed to have more than one account?
Any alternate accounts will be terminated, unless pre-approved by a moderator or administrator. If you lose your password, contact one of the staff before making a new account and we'll try and help you get back into your old one.

Also making an alt to "fluff" poll vote numbers will end up with both the alts and your main account banned for a month, so I wouldn't recommend even trying with that "trick." Not to mention the mods have to approve each new account and are alerted if the new account shares an IP with any existing accounts, so we will know.

Please direct all questions about the rules to The Basic Question Thread where we will be happy to answer!
For breaking above rules you may be warned/banned appropriately!